Haunted House Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Eerie House

This creepy name uses part of the "haunted house" key phrase in the name, with a chilling twist.

2. The Old Gloomy

A fun, quirky name for a more child-friendly haunted house attraction.

3. Haunted Opera

"Opera" evokes images of The Phantom of the Opera, great for a themed haunted house.

4. The Ghoul Taint

Use this name to warn customers about the spine-tingling feeling they'll be left with.

5. Goblin Mill

Using the word "mill" implies that this is a place where creepy goblins are made, just to scare you!

6. Unmarked Headstone

This catchy name plays on "unmarked grave" or a "blank headstone," where anything could be sleeping.

7. Netherworld Burial

"Netherworld" invokes images of a dark, misty, and scary place that you could get lost in.

8. Zombie Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a dark and complicated maze. You may quickly run into the monsters that live there.

9. The Deadly Lair

The word "lair" will tell your customers that a dangerous creature is lurking! A great horror house name.

10. Ghoul Factory

Haunted factories always inspire fear. Grab your customers' attention with this spooky name.

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More Haunted House Business Name Ideas:

Funny Haunted House Business Names:

  • My Creepy Uncle's House.
  • Creamy Scream.
  • Monkey by Midnight.
  • What the Help.
  • Frosted Lizards House.

Creepy Haunted House Business Names:

  • Chambers of Sin.
  • Evil Twin's House.
  • The Haunting Factory.
  • Ghosts Hill.
  • Paranormal Adventure.

Good Haunted House Names:

  • The Hidden Den.
  • Voodoo Cave.
  • The Nightmare District.
  • Psychic Manor.
  • The Devil's Doorbell.

Scary Haunted House Names:

  • The Hanged Housekeeper.
  • The Occult Garden.
  • Deadly Wedding.
  • Wet Blood.
  • Room 666.

Spooky Haunted House Names:

  • Rise and Die.
  • The Scarecrow Field.
  • Bloody Hospice.
  • The Murder Cottage.
  • The Haunted Pond House.

Clever Haunted House Business Names:

  • ManHaunt.
  • Gory Garage.
  • Hauntlloween.
  • The Manorror.
  • Grave Garden.

Inventive Haunted House Names:

  • Redeemer Inn.
  • Burning Teddy.
  • Dark Donjon.
  • Rosemary's Massacre.
  • Dancing Shadows.


How do I choose a haunted house name?

  1. Do some research on haunted houses and make up a list of related keywords.
  2. Combine words from your list or run them through a business name generator.
  3. Check domain and state availability on your favorite names.
  4. Do a Google search of your favorite names to check for negative associations.
  5. Ask family, friends, and potential customers for feedback.
  6. Register the best name.

What are some famous haunted house names?

  • Atrox Factory.
  • Mount Mayhem.
  • The Torture Chamber.
  • Creep LA.
  • The 13th Floor.
  • Trial of Terror.
  • Frightland.

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