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Creepy Business Name Ideas:


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1. Blind Demons

This creepy business name lends itself to some scary logo design options. It makes a creepy business name not only because most people are scared of demons, but because you never know where a blind demon will strike next.

2. Black Door Scare

Invite customers through the unmarked black door of your business, where they can't know where they'll end up. This business name suits an underground speakeasy with a gothic theme or a simple retail store that caters to the weird and creepy.

3. A Ghostly Scream

If you've ever been walking alone on a misty night and heard an unearthly wail, you'll know the chill that creeps up your spine when you think of what this business name represents. A great name for a ghost hunting business.

4. HorrorClique

This creepy business name idea has something of a zombie cheerleaders vibe. It may suit a Halloween costume store, but consider this name idea for your horror movie or animation production company.

5. My Wicked Nightmare

A sinister business name that gains a creepy feel if paired with a nightclub business that preys on people's darkest fears and nightmares. By adding "My" to the name idea, you add a personalized feel that will get customers thinking about what they personally fear.

6. Delirium & Gore

This creepy business name evokes images of waking from a delirium covered in blood and gore and not remembering where you've been or what you've done. It is suitable for a heavy metal music business or a dance club.

7. Creeper's Closet

A fun, alliterative name idea for a clothing store. As this business name adds a creepy vibe by implying that there's a sinister presence in the closet, it may better suit a gothic clothing store.

8. Blackout Decisions

This name idea creates a creepy element by asking the question, "what decisions did I make while in a blackout?" This would be a good business name for a bar, as "blackout" is commonly associated with drinking to excess.

9. Masked Horror

Is there anything scarier than facing a hidden person with a blank mask for a face? This creepy business name draws on this inner fear and works well for a costume store or even a theatre production company.

10. Aegis Nightmare

An intriguing business name with a hidden meaning. The aegis in Greek mythology was a shield belonging to Zeus or Athena. It has come to stand for the protection or support of a person or organization. This business name speaks to when protection becomes possession and turns into a nightmare.

11. Sinister Spellcraft

A perfect name for a Wiccan or occult supply store, this business name moves more toward the dark side of magick. The alliteration of the 'S' creates a catchy, memorable effect that will help customers to remember the name.

12. A Chilling Decree

This business name idea is guaranteed to send a chill down your spine and leave you wondering what nightmare is coming next. A great business name that will work for a variety of business types.

13. Doorways to Hell

With this business name idea, one can imagine a dark, creepy nightclub designed as a maze with dozens of doors that open to different scary rooms. This name idea can also work very well for a haunted house attraction.

14. The Blackout Hollow

This chilling business name would be perfect for a restaurant that specializes in blackout dining in the dark. The use of "Hollow" adds a creepy effect that brings to mind the story of Sleepy Hollow, where the Headless Horseman haunts.

15. Eeriescapes

A great name for an escape room business or haunted house. This business name is a combination of "eerie" and "escapes" and provides a wealth of ideas for the decor of the business as well as the logo design.

16. Blight in the Night

This business name uses a creepy rhyming quality to memorable effect. It's a versatile name idea that will work for a variety of business types.

17. Mind Over Miasma

"Miasma" brings to mind a seething mass of darkness that creates an oppressive atmosphere over everything. However, a slight ray of hope is introduced in this business name. It says that a person can overcome this miasma through positive thinking. Great for a mental health clinic.

18. Fearless Conjuring

This business name may bring to mind images from the movie The Conjuring, or images of spellcasters conjuring demons and ghosts from beyond the veil. The name would work for an occult supply store, as it implies quality materials that will allow customers to conjure without fear.

19. Creepy With a Twist

A creepy business name that works well for a variety of business types. It adds the capacity for a surprising twist in any products you offer. For example, a bakery using this business name may make Halloween desserts and cakes with surprising ingredients, such as ketchup or black garlic.

20. Demented Halloween

This business name idea creates a creepy atmosphere as it brings to mind the wonderfully psychopathic killers from famous books and movies. A great name for a Halloween shop and costume store.

Dark Business Names

Business name ideas that appeal to darker tastes.

More Creepy Business Name Ideas:

Unique Creepy Company Names:

  • Chill Me Dead.
  • Purgatory Rot.
  • Death's Knell.
  • Screaming Infernal.
  • Unslick Decay.

Good Horror Company Names:

  • Screaming Ghoul.
  • Thrills & Terror.
  • Cold Dead Wings.
  • Black Crows R Us.
  • Hell's Wiggles.

Creepy Hotel Business Names:

  • Bloody Necropolis.
  • The Bone Crypt.
  • Creepersville.
  • Whispers of Hell.
  • Soulless Asylum.


How do I come up with creepy haunted house names?

  1. Review your business plan and create a list of keywords.
  2. Research Halloween-related words and synonyms and add them to your list.
  3. Check out your main competitors and see what names work.
  4. Run your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Make a shortlist of your favorite name ideas and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Find out if the name is available.
  7. Secure the domain name.

Where can I find a creepy hotel name generator?

Try Namesnack — an AI-powered business name generator that generates scores of brandable business names within seconds. Have a look at a few examples we created using NameSnack.

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