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Spooky Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Boogey Room

This name would be perfect for a nightclub, as it uses "boogey" as a pun for a room that is both spooky and groovy. The repetition of sound in this name makes it pleasant to say and easy to remember.

2. Cthulhu's Souls

"Cthulhu" is a character created by popular horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. As such, this name would work well for a spooky business that wants to appeal to horror fanatics. This business name works well for a wide variety of businesses.

3. Voodoo Bunch

This name is fun and informal, while showing that your business has an edgy side. A name like this one would work well for a retail store, club, or restaurant.

4. The Ghoul Gallery

The alliteration used in this name makes it catchy, while the repetition of sound makes it pleasant to say. This name would work perfectly for an art gallery, but could also work for a club.

5. Le Coven of Horror

Using "le" in this name makes it sound more posh, while the image of a coven of horror is sure to make your business seem spooky. A name like this could be used for a number of businesses, such as a retail store or nightclub.

6. The Necrospookery

This name creative combines "necromancy" and spooky, making it perfectly haunting. Because of how general this name is, it could be used for several types of businesses.

7. The Ghoul Emporium

This name would perfectly for a retail store, as it describes a collection of spooky treasures. If you were to describe patrons as ghouls, this name could also be appropriate for a club.

8. Fear Coven

A name like this would work well for a clothing brand or a retail store. The image of a coven is often linked to witchcraft, and fear is associated with spooky themes.

9. Crow & Ghost

While simple, this name sounds professional and dark. Crows are often perceived as a bad omen, while ghosts are practically the symbol for all things spooky.

10. The Horror Carnival

This name is fun and creepy, making it the perfect fit for a retail store or clothing brand. The carnival described in this name creates the image of cursed clowns and gore.

11. Dead Souls Inc.

This name is simple and edgy, making it memorable. A name like this would work particularly well for a clothing brand or retail store.

12. The Haunted Clock

This name is ominous but quite general, making it perfect for any spooky business. The image of a haunted clock has strong ties to Halloween and haunted houses.

13. Blood Sweat Parlor

This name would work perfectly for a tattoo or piercing studio. The inclusion of the words "blood" and "sweat" make this name gory and descriptive.

14. The Haunted Ghoul

This name is simple and spooky, making it catchy. It would work well for a bar with a spooky theme.

15. Piercings of Horror

While a name like this may put some customers off, this name would work well for a piercing studio frequented by those with a fascination for the dark side.

16. Sleepy Ghosts

This name is cute and heartwarming, with the image of tired ghosts seeking a nap. This name would work well for a retail store, particularly one that sells children's items.

17. Spookies on Wheels

A name like this would be perfect for a food truck, especially one that sells Halloween-themed foods.

18. The Screaming Coward

This name is unique and unusual, making it memorable. It would be suitable for a bar or nightclub, where an unhinged ghost may fit in.

19. Fear The Ghoul

This name is intimidating and bold, making customers feel confident. This name also compares customers themselves to ghostly ghouls.

20. Ghoul's Lair

Describing your business as a ghoul's lair is sure to attract those who are obsessed with the macabre. This name would be perfect for a bar, nightclub, or haunted house.

Dark Business Names

Business name ideas that appeal to darker tastes.

More Spooky Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Spooky Business Names:

  • The Spooky Skull.
  • The Devil's Spawn.
  • Screaming Scratch.
  • The Nightmare Crowd.
  • Black Moon Spook.

Horror Company Names:

  • The Fear Within.
  • Mind Over Deadz.
  • The Horror Closet.
  • Legends Of Hell.
  • The Scare Shack.


How do I come up with a catchy spooky business name?

  1. Think of keywords related to your business.
  2. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Use a business name generator to create business name ideas.
  4. Show your list of ideas to friends and family, and see which names they respond well to.
  5. See which names you and your loved ones remember after several days.
  6. Choose the best name and secure it.

Is there a spooky business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to generate spooky business name ideas.

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