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Edgy Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Throttle

This is a provocative and striking name that is best for a jewellery store, or motorcycle business.

2. Bland

An intriguing, sarcastic name for a restaurant. The sheer audacity of this name makes it a winner.

3. Beast Beaters

A powerful and evocative name for a gym offering extreme gains.

4. Book Squirm

Playing on the idea of a bookworm, this name is perfect for an edgy, quirky bookstore.

5. Sugar Rush

No one talks about this effect of candy on children. That's why this daring name works.

6. Molotov's

A strong image and subversive tone, this name is great for a coffee shop, bar, or retail store.

7. Twitch

A snappy, unsettling name that evokes the idea of madness. Perfect for a comicbook business.

8. Thrill

Not the edgiest on the list, but still on the fringe. Could work for just about any business.

9. Stoned Age

A great name for a cannabis business, this is a clever name that pushes the limits a little.

10. Coroner's

Slightly macabre, this name suits a pub perfectly. It could also work for a used clothing store.

11. Insurrection Club

Not very subtle, this name is ideal for a coffee house or publishing company.

12. Phobiac

A striking name that is sure to stir the pot a little. Very memorable.

13. Fringe Unlimited

This name has a good ring to it. It plays with the multiple meanings of the word "fringe."

14. Muck & Gore

This name packs a lot of edgy into one name. It is ideal for a niche online store and magazine.

15. Culled

An uber-edgy brand name for a fashion business focusing on darker counter-culture markets.

16. Gang Graphics

"Gang" has so many conflicting connotations, making this a strong name. Ideal for vinyl wrappers.

17. Void

Short and impactful, this name is ideal for a video games shop, comic book store, skate shop, etc.

18. Gluttony

Using one of the seven deadly sins for a business name is about as edgy as you can get.

19. Belch

This massive faux pas makes for a truly unconventional and daring name for a restaurant.

20. Fiendz

This evocative, provocative name can be used for a broad range of businesses.

Unusual Business Names

Unusual name ideas for your business.

More Edgy Business Name Ideas:

Edgy Company Names:

  • The Dark Trust.
  • Blazin' Brew.
  • IT Vixen.
  • Fxx Lab.
  • The Cool Cult.

Edgy Brand Names:

  • Zedgy.
  • Twisted Devil.
  • Real Rebel.
  • Infinite Inferno.
  • Beauty Bratz.

Edgy Clothing Brand Names:

  • Trend Revolt.
  • Funky Flare.
  • Brave Suede.
  • The Aplha District.
  • Punky Plus.

Edgy Clothing Store Names:

  • The Dirty Knit.
  • Edgy Lane.
  • Hip Force.
  • Madhouse Leather.
  • Bad Boys Outlet.

Edgy Online Store Names:

  • Crave The Ride.
  • The Bulldog Bookshop.
  • Stoned Out Boyz.
  • Bondage & Beyond.
  • The Velvet Vape.

Good Edgy Business Names:

  • The Razor Room.
  • Cult of Kink.
  • Rawkin Inc.
  • The Scarlet Affair.
  • Crimson Cravings.


How can I come up with some edgy names for a business?

  1. Start a list of words.
  2. Add provocative words to the list.
  3. Add words related to taboos, social protocol, accepted and unaccepted behavior, etc.
  4. Add keywords and slang from alternative culture and counterculture.
  5. Start combining and pairing words in daring and unexpected ways.
  6. Be bold and break rules.
  7. Feed the keywords and slang into a business name generator.

Where can I find edgy business name ideas?

See our list of edgy business name ideas. You should also try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas. Simply enter a few keywords and you'll have results within moments. If you see an edgy business name you love, consider purchasing the matching domain name before someone else snaps it up.

What makes a business name edgy?

Business names that use bold and unconventional language and analogy that borders on the rude and unacceptable with the aim of provoking can safely be considered to be edgy.

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