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Unusual Business Name Ideas:


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An unusual word of Latin origin meaning "pertaining to breakfast;" great for a restaurant.


Made-up word that uses "yummy" as a base, this unusual name could suit a food or clothes business.

3.Guff Pun

This unusual name idea uses two words for describing humorous, nonsense speech or writing.

4.Opaca Onism

This dark, Latin inspired mash-up describes how little of the world a person will experience.

5.Non Chuma!

In Aramaic, "chuma" means warmth or heat, a great, unusual name for an air conditioning company.

6.Canin Sense

Using the French word for "canine" can give your pet shop or vet's office an unusual business name.


A brandable name idea that uses a Japanese word for a world that is "fleeting" or "transient."

8.Sense & Whimsy

This unusual name uses two opposing ideas in a poetic way. Great for a boutique or costume shop.


Old Italian word that comes from a 1700s salt tax, this may work for a beauty brand or spice store.


Meaning "dangerous," an unusual name for a business that offers safety, like a security company.


Combining the three names of the Celtic goddess of war, this unusual name idea suits a gun store.


This name for a Japanese god will make a brandable, unusual name idea for any business.


A trendy name idea made unusual with the misspelling of "fire."


This made-up business name idea could work for a firewood business or a pet-related business.

15.The Rune Sign

A mash-up of two synonyms that is perfect for a supernatural store or specialty bar.

16.Gwydion's Note

This Welsh wizard was a messenger of the gods, making this a great name idea for a courier company.


An unusual name idea that uses "mint" as a base. Great for a herbal shop or restaurant.

18.Golden Pumpkin

Draw on Cinderella for inspiration with this great, unusual name idea for a clothes or beauty shop.

19.Wild Cherry

This unusual combination will make a great addition to a cafe, smoothie shop, or makeup brand.


Suitable for an electricity or tech company, this unusual name combines earth and power concepts.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some unusual business names?

  • Review your business plan and brainstorm words that are related to your concept as well as their opposites.
  • Delve into foreign & obsolete languages for some unusual name ideas.
  • Think of words to describe your business in an unusual way.
  • Combine your keywords manually or with a business name generator.
  • Check the availability of your favorite name ideas.
  • Get the name.

What makes a business name unusual?

An unusual business name can be created by using foreign words, misspelling words, or making up words. You may also choose to combine uncommon words or use common words in an uncommon way.

What are some examples of unusual business names?

  • Jentacular.
  • Opaca Onism.
  • Ukiyo.
  • Minacious.
  • WildPhire.
  • Gwydion's Note.
  • Wild Cherry.

What companies have unusual business names?

  • Google.
  • Yahoo.
  • Asus.
  • Canon.
  • Coca-Cola.
  • Reebok.
  • Verizon.

What are some unusual company names?

  • Yumminanity.
  • Non Chuma!
  • Sense & Whimsy.
  • Machagan.
  • Felin.
  • Mintize.
  • Terracharge.

What are some odd business names?

  • Guff Pun.
  • Jentacular.
  • Opaca Onism.
  • Yumminanity.
  • Minacious.

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