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Name Marketplaces and Branding consultants often charge thousands for brand names. NameSnack is 100% free.
Industry A.I. Naming
Using machine learning, we'll use your chosen industry to help uncover unique names you haven't yet thought of.
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Our domain name generator helps you instantly discover what domains are available faster than you can say "Go Mummy".
Keyword Search
Start with keywords that describe your business. NameSnack uses these to combine with popular other keywords and find alternative ideas.
Various Name Styles
Unique names, industry style names, creative business names, startup names, short names, keyword names and more.
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Found a name that you love? Instantly generate a beautiful logo for your brand in a few clicks.
Powerful domain name generator creates 1000's of unique, memorable and available domains
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Frequently asked questions
Is NameSnack really free?
Yes, NameSnack is 100% free. We make money from advertisers on the site and if you register your domain through one of our partners we receive a small commission.
How does NameSnack work?
We combine various techniques that include machine learning, keyword combining and other proprietary techniques, combined with instant domain search technology that allows us to create unique names incredibly fast.
Can I trademark a name generated by NameSnack?
While NameSnack does a domain name search, we don't check against trademark databases. You should do that yourself or hire a lawyer if you intend to trademark the business name.
Can I register domains with my own registrar?
While we would appreciate if you registered a domain through one of our domain partners (we receive a tiny but useful commission) you are free to use whatever registrar you like.
What domain extensions does NameSnack support?
NameSnack is both a name generator and domain name generator in one. The names generated will always be available to register as a .com domain.
What can I name using NameSnack?
NameSnack lets you generate names for whatever you're naming. It combines multiple techniques to try and find a relevant name for your industry including but not limited to naming your website, startup, app, shop, store, restaurant, podcast, product, brand, Etsy shop, Shopify store, blog, and more.
Business Name Generator
Enter some words related to your business to get started.