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Funky Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Funkerella

A clever play on the name "Cinderella." Could suit a young kids brand with a funky twist.

2. The Wordy Birdie

This birdie got some sass in her! A playful name that could suit a cheeky marketing business.

3. Go Funky

Straightforward, simple, and incredibly effective. This name idea is perfect for an online business.

4. The Funky Uncle

A unique name that feels and sounds familiar. You'll enjoy all the slogan and logo possibilities.

5. Funkful

This name says it all—your business is full of funky ideas and products. Great for a brand name.

6. Perky Petz

A modern, fun name that conjures images of happy furry friends. Animal-related stores will love it!

7. Funk It Up

Simple & effortless. This name does all the marketing work! Think colorful branding & playful fonts.

8. Money Leaf

While money does not grow on trees, this unique name implies it. You'll love creating a logo.

9. Groovy Crew

Playful & fun. The marketing possibilities are endless. "Crew" hints that you value teamwork.

10. Woogle

Snappy and unique; the best combination for a brand that's looking to attract a younger market.

11. Phunny Bun

A trendy name that will have your food stand packed with customers looking for funky burger recipes.

12. Pixie Prime

A strong, feminine name to reassure clients that their business needs are your prime focus.

13. Funky Munchy

Got the munchies for something fun? This name could really shine when paired with playful branding.

14. The Odd Duckie

An uncommon but eye-catching name that could work in lowercase lettering. Think duck-inspired logos.

15. Funky Fox

Playful name that stands out in white & orange colors. Works for businesses in different markets.

16. Melo Melon

This tongue twister will definitely have heads turning. This name could pop with a funky melon logo.

17. Funky Fella

A memorable choice. This clever name will suit a men's brand that specializes in funky items.

18. Sir Geeky

Paired with a geeky logo, this name would be fantastic for a tech repair business.

19. Funky Frost

Memorable & fun. Embraces the power of alliteration. For those who sell ice-cream or frozen items.

20. The Funk Dome

Creative name that just screams fun! "Dome" conjures images of large open spaces & loads of variety.

Catchy Business Name Ideas

Read about what makes a business name catchy and see a few examples of catchy business name ideas.

More Funky Business Name Ideas:

Good Funky Brand Names:

  • Just Like Funk.
  • The Jiggling Kettle.
  • Punk Wild.
  • Sucktion Feat.
  • Spirit of the Stars

Funky Shop Names:

  • The Grinch Shoppe.
  • Twist a Bit.
  • Piggy Hooves.
  • Shiny Freakz.
  • The Jazzy Company.

Funky Store Names:

  • All My Funk.
  • Munchkin Blues.
  • Muddy Jumpers.
  • Wackey Monkeyz.
  • Punchy Stix.


How can I come up with some funky business names?

  1. Brainstorm ideas and feed them to a business name generator.
  2. Share your ideas with peers and ask for feedback.
  3. Use online polls and surveys.
  4. Consider your target market, specialty, and brand.
  5. Check the name availability.
  6. Choose a funky name and register it.

Where can I find a funky business name generator?

You can try NameSnack, our AI-powered name generator that creates hundreds of business name ideas from just a few input keywords.

What makes a business name funky?

A business name is funky when it sounds playful, unique, and brimming with marketing potential. Funky business names are often associated with businesses that cater to young children and creative industries, such as theme parks, toy stores, clothing lines, and gadget stores.

What are some existing funky company names?

  • Snapple.
  • Toys "R" Us.
  • Funky Business.
  • Mr. Lucky's.
  • Dr Pepper.

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