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Fun Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Lovelidea

The unusual spelling is eye-catching and will make potential customers do a double take.

2. Bonbon Bloo

A catchy name you will never get tired of saying out loud. Perfect for an artisanal chocolate shop.

3. The Kind Fig

A fun, memorable name for a clothing brand, health store, or wellness shop.

4. Melon Rain

Reminiscent of carefree childhood days eating sweet, juicy melons. Suitable for a candy company.

5. Sun Dolfin

Calls to mind images of sun-filled beach days. A wonderful choice for a kids' swimwear company.

6. Bloo Tune

Internal rhyme & unusual spelling of "blue" increases memorability. Great for a vinyl/music shop.

7. Stone Snack

Catchy and unusual. What could a "stone snack" possibly be? A fun name for a pizza shop.

8. Always Herb

A catchy name for a shop that sells products made with CBD oil. Also suited to a homeopathic shop.

9. Yellow Bloo Boutique

Catchy. Yellow has connotations of happiness and warmth. Could work for an accessory/clothing brand.

10. Apricot Joy

Imagine a quaint store that sells home-style jams, preserves, and organic snacks.

11. Creamy Choc Shoppe

A great name for a charming boutique that creates gorgeous chocolates perfect for gifting.

12. Pop Pumpkin

Well-suited to a trendy shop that focuses on organic products, e.g. clothing, food, & cosmetics.

13. Flair Oasis

"Flair" suggests style & authenticity, making this a great choice for a designer clothing brand.

14. The Forest Fig Lodge

Catchy. A cool name for a woodsy resort where both kids and adults can engage in fun activities.

15. Dolfin Moon

Has connotations of nature and beauty. A good name for a fun yoga retreat or wellness center.

16. Berry Snack Company

Imagine a brand that creates only the lushest, tastiest, and most fragrant treats made of berries.

17. Warm Earthy Planet

A solid name for a retailer of cozy, woolen jackets, caps, and scarves made of fair-trade yarn.

18. Flair Pear

This highly versatile name could work for a fashion/wellness brand or a fruit & vegetable supplier.

19. Butter Herb

A fun name for a vegetarian restaurant or a company that prepares delicious frozen meals.

20. Bonbon Rain

A playful name for a bakery, candy store, fashion brand, or even a perfume company.

Leisure Business Names

Cool names for your leisure business.

More Fun Business Name Ideas:

Good Fun Company Names:

  • U Turn Fun.
  • Sink or Swim Vibe.
  • Bait & Bloo.
  • Lovable Lunk.
  • Divertaculum.

Funny Business Names for Instagram:

  • Spaced Out Fun.
  • Oh My Giggles.
  • Jiggles & Giggles.
  • Twelve Angry Lions.
  • Purple Kitten Escape.


How can I come up with some fun business names?

  1. Do some market research and write down any keywords relating to entertainment, fun, enjoyment, luxury, and more.
  2. Look for synonyms by using an online thesaurus.
  3. Consider using the business owner's name.
  4. Look at your products, services, and location for more inspiration.
  5. Use a business name generator to come up with unique names.
  6. Select your favorite names and gain feedback from trusted peers.
  7. Regsiter your chosen name.

What makes a business name fun?

A fun business name should evoke feelings of lightheartedness and joy or trigger happy memories whenever it crosses someone's mind. A fun business name should also take into account the activities their target audience considers "fun." Peruse our list of fun business names for inspiration.

Where can I find a fun business names generator?

You can use NameSnack, our AI-powered name generator that can create hundreds of business name ideas from just a few input keywords.

Which companies have fun business names?

  • BounceX.
  • HintHunt.
  • Adventure Unbound.
  • Wet 'n Wild.
  • RightRice.

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