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Leisure Business Name Ideas:


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1. Valley of the Wild Lodge

An evocative and descriptive name for a wilderness resort that conjures images of pristine landscapes, mountains abundant in fauna and flora, and cozy wooden cabins with outdoor hot tubs. "Valley" suggests a protected area with lush vegetation and streams, with "Wild" hinting at possible safaris.

2. Sunkissed Sea Club

A versatile name that works for just about any seaside recreational business. "Sunkissed" calls to mind gorgeously tanned skin but also evokes a certain playful, carefree spirit associated with days spent at the ocean. Great for a members-only beach club, diving school, or an elite yachting club.

3. Nova Blue Saffire

A name that exudes excellence and elegance. Whether you're building a premium sports brand or opening a new penthouse or restaurant, "Nova Blue Saffire" will attract affluent clients. "Nova" and "Saffire" hint at beautiful, sparkling, and often unattainable things. Great for an exclusive brand.

4. Sunset Sky Club

This romantic name just rolls off the tongue — it's memorable, unique, and highly evocative. Great for a scenic helicopter tour or a helicopter flight training program. It would also make a fitting choice for a hotel with a prime view of the sunset. Add a setting sun to your logo for a nice touch.

5. Mindspace Travel Co.

A professional name for a travel company with a difference. "Mindspace" hints at a place that prides itself on putting together adventurous and intellectually stimulating itineraries for tourists. A descriptive slogan could be added to tell people more about where this travel service operates.

6. Whiskey & Clover

A simple, memorable name that's ideal for a pub where Irish blends, single malts, single grains, and single pot still whiskeys can be enjoyed. Add a cheeky four-leaf clover to your logo to signal a pub where patrons may get lucky.

7. Sailors by Nature

An understated name that will attract both expert and novice sailors. "by Nature" suggests that sailing isn't merely a job but a calling, which also hints at a passionate brand with a deep respect for the vocation. Works for a boating gear brand or as an athleisure brand with a nautical twist.

8. Snow Cloud Empire

This dreamy, authentic name will have snow kings and queens from across the land lining up to buy their ski and snowboarding gear at your store. "Empire" suggests a name that's royalty in the winter sports industry, while "Cloud" is a reference to the freedom experienced at high altitudes.

9. The Horseman's Wings

A powerful, imaginative name that calls to mind vivid images of a man astride a winged horse. A lovely choice for a high-performance equestrian brand aimed at jockeys. This name denotes speed and grace — two qualities that racehorses are known for. The branding and logo possibilities are endless.

10. Alpine Bound

A lovely choice for a travel agency offering holiday packages for those wanting to spend their vacations breathing in fresh air and taking in gorgeous mountain views. "Alpine" calls to mind high, snow-capped peaks, cosy cabins, and peaceful hikes. Use a steep mountain for the "A" in your logo.

11. Salt Sea Dragon

This sounds like a mythical creature doomed to dwell in the deepest oceanic trenches. Give this name to your submarine tour to entice adventurous undersea explorers. The repetition of the "S" aids memorability but also sounds like the hissing of a snake, increasing the fearsome quality of the name.

12. Plum and Grape

All understated elegance and charm, this simple name is a great choice for a hospitality brand. Plum and purple (grape) are both colors symbolizing royalty and luxury, so use them in your logo. A fantastic choice for an upmarket hotel or a Japanese wine brand that specializes in Umeshu (plum wine).

13. Seahorse Safaris

This cool name evokes wondrous images of an undersea world waiting to be explored. The repetition of the "S" creates a name that's hard to forget, and the unique idea of an underwater safari will appeal to those with an adventurous spirit. A blue and white logo with a seahorse icon would work well.

14. Magic Island Drive

This highly descriptive name is a superb option for an enchanting guided tour that takes place on an island or a holiday resort. "Magic" suggests an element of wonder or imagination at the heart of this tour. Substitute the word "Drive" with "Ride" if your tour takes place on bike or horseback.

15. The Wildest Ride

Any name with the words "Wildest Ride" in it is sure to attract those with a lust for adrenalin. This versatile name is suitable for a variety of businesses including theme parks, horseback riding lodges, bull riding schools, and more. Use a unique icon to tell people more about your brand.

16. Soulful Vine

"Soulful" may refer to music or even soul food, while "Vine" could be a reference to drinks made from grapes. A name that calls to mind a boozy jazz club or a restaurant that allows you to pair soul food with various alcoholic beverages. Use a brush script typeface and vine motif in your logo.

17. Camp Thunderhorse

A powerful name for a family-friendly horseback riding school that also offers summer camps for kids. "Camp" conjures images of summer, togetherness, and nurturing environments. "Thunderhorse" suggests strong and healthy horses will be used during training sessions, giving parents peace of mind.

18. Sunrise Dolphin Dive

The name says it all: this is a diving school where you will achieve that lifelong dream of free diving with dolphins. "Sunrise" suggests beautiful backdrops and lovely selfie opportunities. The repetition of the "D" aids memorability. Also great for a cruise where dolphins are seen frolicking.

19. Sofia's Little Oasis

A sweet name for a cozy coffee shop or wine bar where a variety of drinks and light meals can be enjoyed. The repetition of the "s" creates a soothing quality to this name, perhaps hinting at a place where you can unwind. "Oasis" is indicative of a space where you can find some form of respite.

20. Queen Blue Sailing

A simple, regal name for a variety of elite clubs near the coastline. "Blue" may be a reference to blue skies or oceans, but it's also symbolic of royalty, and members of a sailing club have come to expect a certain level of luxury. For a nice touch, add the silhouette of a sail to your logo.

Fun Business Names

Fun business name ideas.

More Leisure Business Name Ideas:

Unique Leisure Business Names:

  • Sunset Backdrop.
  • New Life Renewal Co.
  • Wild Scuba.
  • Lucky Season Tours.
  • Travelodge Holidays.

Catchy Leisure Business Names:

  • Boulder Backpackers.
  • Eco Chillout.
  • New Moon Yoga Spa.
  • The Adventure Buffet.
  • Worldview Airlines.


How do I choose a name for my leisure business?

  1. Think about your offerings, target market, and brand aesthetic.
  2. Make a list of keywords based on the above.
  3. Look at other leisure businesses and note any patterns you identify.
  4. Combine your keywords to form names.
  5. Use a leisure business name generator to come up with more ideas.
  6. Choose the best name.

What are some existing names of leisure businesses?

  • Contiki.
  • Cosmos.
  • Insight Vacations.
  • Hotwire.

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