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Hip Business Name Ideas:


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1. Puggly

Snappy, humorous, and evocative, this name gives a nod to arguably the hippest dog breed.

2. Slayvor

Ideal for a food truck or restaurant, this name blends the hip slang word "slay" and "flavor."

3. FlashTag

Playing with the word "hashtag," this name is fresh and striking. Ideal for a fashion business.

4. Woke Spokes

Perfect for a business selling rad bicycles, this clever name stands out and is hard to forget.

5. Clout Co.

"Clout" is influence. This striking and compelling name is great for a social media marketing crew.

6. Deck Bronsons

Using two very popular slang terms to mean "Great Beers," this name is ideal for a bar.

7. Hip Haven

This evocative name is ideal for a club or lounge cafe.

8. Royal & Free

Using two striking, common, and rarely paired words, this name evokes quality and creativity.

9. Vibe Village

Great for a coffee shop, or maybe a retail fashion outlet, this is a quirky, memorable name.

10. PermaVulture

Playing with the word "Permaculture," this striking, intriguing name has a nice ring to it.

11. Class of Yasss

Great for a store selling a wide range of hip things, from vinyl records to hemp beanies.

12. Salty Chops

Just about the most original name for a barbershop ever. Hard to forget a winner like this.

13. Little Hemingway's

This creative and compelling name, using a popular literary figure, will work for almost any brand.

14. Boujee's

Short for "bourgeoise," this name will suit most hip brands, ironically.

15. On Point

A strong sentiment and statement. If your brand keeps up with changing trends, this name is yours.

16. Bookie Wooks

A cute and playful name for a secondhand bookstore.

17. Clap Backs

Another excellent name that steals from modern hip culture slang. Ideal for a bar or retail store.

18. Scoop o' Tea

This name only really works for coffee shops and tea rooms. Anywhere people go to gossip.

19. Extra Basic

This name only works sarcastically. To use this name your brand must offer the highest quality.

20. We Be Goats

If you are the greatest of all time at what you do, this name works for you.

Cool Business Name Ideas

Find out what goes into making a cool business name.

More Hip Business Name Ideas:

Hip Brand Names:

  • Sketchesque.
  • Jemz Hipster.
  • Dough Hops.
  • Crazy Phresh.
  • Rockabye Records.

Hip Hop Business Names:

  • The Gangsta Room.
  • Hippies in the Hood.
  • Bass Hip Hop.
  • Chillout Boyz.
  • Inner City Hustle.


How can I come up with some hip business names?

  1. Start a list of words.
  2. Add keywords and jargon from your industry.
  3. Add keywords and slang from hip culture.
  4. Add words that relate to your mission and core values.
  5. Start combining and pairing words in daring and unexpected ways.
  6. Be bold and break rules.
  7. Feed the keywords and slang into a business name generator.
  8. Select your favorite names and gain feedback from trusted peers.
  9. Register your chosen name along with its corresponding domain name.

What makes a business name hip?

A business name is hip if it manages to reflect the values of those within the hip culture, or captures some quality considered to be "hip." The easiest way for a business to do this, is to use the slang and popular imagery from hip culture. Take a look at our list of examples for inspiration.

Where can I find a hipster business name generator?

You can use Namesnack, an AI-powered business name generator that will suggest hundreds of business names in seconds with just a few input keywords.

What are some companies with hip business names?

  • Reverb.
  • Good Apple.
  • Hinge.
  • Moda Operandi.
  • Audible.
  • EarWolf.

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