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Urban Business Name Ideas:


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1. Metropolitania

The addition of "ia," a suffix often used in names of territories and plants, to "Metropolitan," gives this name a sense of authority and dominion. This could work well for a range of businesses that want to align themselves with a distinctly urban style.

2. Urban Wilds

This name is simple and short but packs a punch, conjuring images of an untamed city that begs to be explored. Whether your business is a spa that offers a tranquil forest escape in the city center or a restaurant that offers daring fusion cuisine, this name will attract the curiosity of passersby.

3. Soul Citified

This alliterative name is easy to remember and sounds energized and passionate. The combination of the emotionally loaded term "Soul" with "Citified" creates a powerful statement that conveys your business's urban style with fervor and pride.

4. High-Rise Ready

The repetition of the "R" makes this name fun to say and lets it roll off the tongue with ease. While "High-Rise" suggests that your business has something to do with tall buildings, "Ready" creates a sense of anticipation. This could work well for a city-focused real estate business.

5. Civic Sips

This super catchy name can look eye-catching with the right font. While "Civic" has a more serious ring to it, the more informal "Sips" softens this name and gives it an approachable and playful quality, making it a great choice for a cocktail bar with an urban theme.

6. Neon Sidewalk

This name conjures images of bright neon lights spilling onto a city center sidewalk, as one might see when one is out and about enjoying the urban nightlife. This unusual name would suit a restaurant or retailer with a vibrant atmosphere and colorful lighting effects.

7. City Sleeps

Sweet and simple, this name clearly conveys the idea of accommodation in the city. This could work well for a small, urban hotel or a travel agency that specializes in city vacations. The alliteration makes this name highly memorable.

8. Urbanize

Appealing in its simplicity, this name makes it unmistakably clear that yours is an urban brand. It aligns your business with concepts commonly associated with city life, such as modernity, glamour, and skyscrapers. The soft "Z" sound gives it a relaxed yet upbeat feel.

9. Concrete Forest

This name combines two contrasting concepts to create an attention-grabbing name. While "Concrete" sounds cold and bland, bringing to mind images of gray buildings, "Forest" creates associations with a lush, green environment and imbues it with fresh and intriguing energy.

10. Downtown Daze

"Downtown" creates a clear link to the urban environment, while "Daze" suggests a state of bewilderment. Together, this name seems to suggest an urban trance or haze, which might be a quirky name for an urban-themed bar or arcade. The alliteration aids memorability.

11. Free City Spirit

While "City" firmly places your brand in an urban context, which is often also associated with high-pressure lifestyles, "Free" and "Spirit" give this name a distinctly positive and unburdened energy. This could work well for an urban brand that prioritizes comfort and emotional well-being.

12. High Dencity

This unusual name catches the eye due to the intentional misspelling of "Density," which cleverly incorporates the word "city." "High Density" is a concept associated with urban landscapes. While somewhat unconventional, this name could work well for a real estate or architecture business.

13. Urban Soulz

This is a great name to convey to customers that your business embodies the spirit of the city. While "Urban" creates a clear connection with the city, "Soulz" adds a relaxed touch, which is enhanced by the intentional misspelling. This could work well for a lifestyle brand.

14. Capital Refuge

With a distinctly urban verve, this name positions your business as the leading destination for anyone needing a time out from a high-pressure lifestyle in a bustling city. Whether you operate a small hotel or a bar, your establishment should feel like a small sanctuary in a big city.

15. Metro Moves

This alliterative name is easy to remember and will put a bounce in your step. While "Metro" creates associations with tall buildings and subway systems, "Moves" adds a dynamic element to this name, making it ideal for an urban dance studio.

16. City Tunes

The repetition of the "T" gives this name a snappy quality and aids memorability. This compelling name could work for a range of businesses related to music, such as a recording studio, music school, or a retailer or supplier of musical instruments.

17. Rooftop Release

In big cities, rooftop venues offer a great change of pace from the bustling streets down below and will often treat anyone who ventures so far up with a lovely view of their urban jungle. "Release" suggests a calm and relaxing experience, which makes this name a good choice for a spa.

18. City Lyfe

This simple but effective name positions your business as an urban lifestyle brand. The intentional misspelling of "Life" makes the name stand out and gives it an eccentric edge that is bound to resonate with anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary.

19. Urbanoblaster

If your business is all about loud colors and has a big personality, this wacky and forceful name is for you. While "Urban" simply aligns your business with life in a big city, "blaster" has an amplifying effect, conveying notions of exuberance and booming noise.

20. Bar Urbane

This catchy name suggests a sleek and polished uptown cocktail bar, ideal for busy city dwellers looking for a swanky place for a post-theater drink. The repetition of the "B" and "A" sounds creates a melodic effect and makes this name highly memorable.

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More Urban Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Urban Business Names:

  • Avenue Style.
  • The Civic Shoppe.
  • RedVibez.
  • Metro Lounge.
  • Walk4Talk.

Unique Urban Business Names:

  • CoolJungle.
  • Trend 'n' Lime.
  • StationSound.
  • The Neon Cat.
  • Bronze Coffee.


How do I come up with an urban business name?

  1. Make a list of terms you associate with cities and urban lifestyles.
  2. Add terms that reflect your business and brand.
  3. Combine the keywords from your list to create name ideas or use a business name generator.
  4. Select your top five names.
  5. Ask friends and family to give you honest feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Select the best available name.
  8. Secure the domain name.

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