Stylish Business Name Ideas:


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1. Chic & Stylish

The repetition of the "sh" sound in this name makes it more pleasant to say.

2. Her Highness Style

This name exudes connotations of luxury and royalty.

3. The Style Institute

"Institute" makes your business sound like the authority on style.

4. The Couture Center

"Couture" is associated with style and fashion.

5. Press Posh

The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and fun to say.

6. Iconic Grace

"Iconic" will make customers feel like a celebrity.

7. Feel Posh

This name encourages customers to feel more glamorous.

8. Fashionably Classy

"Classy" is what most customers will want to feel like.

9. Fashion Exquisite

"Exquisite" is a posh and sophisticated way to describe your business.

10. Forward Stylish

"Forward" shows that your fashion is progressive.

11. Popularly Stylish

This name shows that your business appeals to the masses.

12. Exquisite Style Center

"Center" makes your business sound like a hub for fashion.

13. Stunning in Style

This name is aesthetically pleasing because of the repetition of "s".

14. The Exquisite Agency

"Agency" makes your business sound more professional.

15. Fab & Fancy

This name is fun and catchy because it shortens "fabulous" to "fab".

16. The Chic Shift

"Shift" shows that your business is innovating fashion.

17. Stylish & Sophisticated

These words make for a good business name because they summarize what customers want to feel.

18. Fashionable Delight

"Delight" makes your business sound joyful.

19. Classically Chic

"Classically" makes your business sound tasteful and timeless.

20. Sleek Style

"Sleek" has connotations of class and distinction.

Chic Business Names

Chic business name ideas.

More Stylish Business Name Ideas:

Stylish Business Names:

  • The Chic Outfit.
  • Dazzling Dandy.
  • Le Chic Suite.
  • Femme Fashion.
  • Fashionably Classy.

Stylish Brand Names:

  • Stylish Stops.
  • Fashionable Secrets.
  • Suite Glamour.
  • Dressed To The Nines.
  • Glossy Closet.

Stylish Names For Shops:

  • Chic Charm.
  • Stylish & Stylish.
  • The Formal Wearhouse.
  • The Stylish Deck.
  • Top Chic Outlet.


How can I come up with some stylish company names?

  1. Look over your market research to find words associated with your business.
  2. Look up synonyms for your keywords.
  3. Consider using the business owner's name as a business name.
  4. Use a business name generator like NameSnack to create a list of name ideas.

What makes a business name stylish?

A stylish business name usually relates to fashion and class in some way. For example, using words like "fashionable" or "chic" alludes to style and luxury. Take a look at our list of examples for inspiration.

Which well-known companies have stylish business names?

  • Chanel.
  • Gucci.
  • Louis Vuitton.
  • Versace.
  • Dolce & Gabbana.

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