Most business names become cool when they introduce a new word into our collective conversation. It can be fun to say (Uber), something that can be used as a verb (Google), something that aptly suits its mission statement (Livestrong), and more.

Cool Business Names:

RankBusiness NameDescription
1.JumpfoodA food delivery app. Combines the key elements of the service: food delivered instantly.
2.PhotoglowA photo editing app. It does exactly what it says. It makes your photos better. It makes them glow.
3.FairmailA handy email tool that screams productivity.
4.ShopscoutAn online shopping store. Scouts are synonymous with unearthing quality and works perfectly here.
5.ShopyardeCommerce site. "Yard" conjures images of backyard sales. Ideal for buying on the cheap.
6.NewsyardA news app. "Yard" is synonymous with digging. Finding news is like digging for a scoop.
7.SportclickA sports news website. Does exactly what it says. Gives you sports news instantly.
8.OntuneA music streaming service that provides music recommendations based on your favorite tunes.
9.OnotesA note-taking app. Can be understood as "Oh notes."
10.GodateA dating app that puts its message out there. Don't overthink it, just Godate.
11.FoodpushA food delivery app whose message is unambiguous: food delivered instantly.
12.FoodropA food delivery app where the word "drop" is synonymous with a helicopter drop. They'll rescue you.
13.PeakphotoPhoto editing app. Can refer to the "peak" of a mountain. This app creates the best version of pics.
14.MailsnapEmail software that screams speed and efficiency.
15.PeakmailEmail software. The word "peak" suggests that users have a peak at their mail.
16.SportkitSports apparel store that does exactly what it says.
17.ShopscanAn eCommerce site that helps you quickly find items you're interested in.
18.EchonotesA note-taking app. Jotting down often begets more ideas. Echonotes is a fitting name.
19.UpshopeCommerce site. Shop for upmarket clothing.
20.ClotheriseeCommerce site. The playful name suggests you can find almost anything you're after.

Examples of Cool Business Names:

1. Uber.

In the space of a few years, the word "uber" has gone from relative obscurity to the center of our daily lives. It's a cool name because it's both fun to say and says what the company does. It makes getting around uber-fast and simple.

2. Google.

When a noun starts being used as a verb, you know you've got a hit. Google makes it easy to find things online, a tool that had never existed before in human history. It makes sense that they invented a new word for this action and that it was fun to say. There's a reason no one ever said "Encyclopedia it."

3. The Boring Company.

The Boring Company works because of humor, irony, and because it says what it does. Elon Musk's company bores holes underground to create a network of transportation tunnels for future travel. It's a play on words and is anything but boring. It works because it mixes grand ambitions with self-deprecating humor.


If white is plain, off-white is a refreshing take on the ordinary, and that is exactly what designer Virgil Abloh personifies. His company is synonymous with bold and creative designs, with a signature style that is instantly recognizable. "OFF-WHITE" perfectly captures the ethos of his brand.

5. Skype.

Another example of a noun being used as a verb. "Let's Skype" were exactly the words their founders wanted to hear when they envisioned their video-chat software. It's memorable name that's fun to say.


IMPACT does exactly what it says. It's a marketing agency that helps make an impact on their clients' business. It might not be new, catchy, or fun to say, but it says exactly what it does and certainly leaves an impression on its clients.

7. Alphabet.

When the founders of Google changed their business structure to form a parent company, they wanted to create an empire of technology titans under their group. G was for Google, Y for YouTube, and so on. "Alphabet" does exactly that; create a family.

8. Livestrong.

Two words married into one. To live strong is to endure hardship and overcome all of life's obstacles, and was the perfect motto for cancer survivor and ultimate cyclist Lance Armstrong. He took his motto and made it into a brand name.

9. Apple.

Renowned for his marketing prowess more than his coding, Steve Jobs was intent on making technology seem less jargonistic and more attractive to the average user. In a world of the Nokia 3310 and the LG VX6100, Jobs introduced simplicity. Apple. iPhone 2. MacBook. Apple is synonymous with simplicity and beauty.

10. Kodak.

Another example of a brand new word that let its products define it. Having a "kodak moment" soon became synonymous with experiencing a moment in life worth remembering.

Who should use cool business names?

A cool name that is new, memorable, and fun to say is best suited to companies offering a unique product or service. A new product experience with a new word for customers to use is the perfect recipe for a memorable business name. If your business is able to own a piece of the consumer's mind, or stakes its place in our national or global lexicon, then it is undoubtedly a cool name. Examples of business that should use a cool name include:

  • Startups.
  • Food delivery apps.
  • Photo editing apps.
  • Social media companies.
  • Communication apps.
  • Food and drink brands.
  • Camera brands.
  • Shopping/department stores.
  • Fashion brands.
  • Technology companies.
  • Design brands.
  • Restaurants.

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What are some cool business names?

  • Uber.
  • Google.
  • Skype.
  • Kodak.

What makes a business name cool?

  • A new word that stands out from competitors.
  • Catchy, fun to say.
  • Can be turned into an action word ("Google it").
  • Think about words that describe what your business does.
  • Single words are often better than multiple.

Is it important to have a cool business name?

A cool business name can go a long way to cementing your business among the household brand names of the world. A cool name can resonate with your customer and help build stronger brand relationships.

What kind of businesses needs cool business names?

  • Startups.
  • Food delivery apps.
  • Photo editing apps.
  • Social media companies.
  • Communication apps.

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