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1. Bleed the Wickedness

This cool, grunge-inspired business name idea celebrates the angst-ridden roots of grunge rock music. The name conveys the idea of getting rid of any emotional trauma, and the word "bleed" may form the base of a great business logo.

2. Grunge Savant

"Savant" is a word for a learned or knowledgable person and, used in this business name, distinguishes the business owner as an expert in all things grunge. This name idea suits a variety of grunge fashion and music business types.

3. Déborde de Noir

This French business name translates to "full of darkness" or "overflowing with darkness." This sentiment is perfect for a grunge business that questions social isolation and self-doubt — as can be seen in a lot of the lyrics of grunge rock music.

4. Grunkz 'n' Vine

This is a fun, nonsense name that adds a bit of levity to the grunge style. The made-up word "grunkz" uses "grunge" as a base, locating your business within the grunge scene, while the word "vine" inspires thoughts of wine, gardens, and growth.

5. Grinning Hell

This creative name idea inspires great ideas for business logos; for example, a grinning skull flying through the air. The combination of a happy image (a grin) with a dark image (hell) celebrates the love of all things dark and chilling.

6. Black Hole

Versatility is the name of the game with this name idea. On the one hand, it's a scientific name that references astronomy. On the other hand, it's a poetic name idea that can be seen as a metaphor for life, emotions, darkness, and even hunger.

7. Spartan's Reign

The ancient Greek city of Sparta is synonymous with strength, bravery, and courageous fighters who never give up. Aligning your business with this ancient city will tell potential customers that your business is a leader in its field.

8. Gorgue Storm

A dynamic name idea that inspires feelings of motion, strong winds, and heavy rains. At the same time, the sound of the nonsense word "gorgue" brings to mind images of desolate landscapes and rocky gorges. This is a strong name idea for a grungy business.

9. Grim

This name idea is short and catchy, aiding with brand memorability. "Grim" means forbidding, bleak, or horrible, which speaks to the themes of neglect, betrayal, and trauma that are associated with grunge music.

10. Killer Clanks

An awesome name idea that suits a grunge rock band, this business name conveys the distorted sounds of electric guitars that are inherent in grunge music. The repetition of the "k" sound creates a memorable effect that will help this business name to stick in customers' minds.

11. Slit & Rage

A catchy, trendy name idea inspired by the ripped jeans that are the base of grunge fashion. This name embodies violence and social angst and will appeal to grunge fans, while the flow of the three words will help with memorability.

12. Dream Grunge

This name idea locates your business as the place for grunge music, fashion, and other items and promises a business that is the dream place to be for grunge fans. It is a softer business name that will encourage customers from all walks of life.

13. Urban Crusade

Invite your customers on an adventurous journey into urban life and styles with this cool business name idea. This idea is trendy and suits the grungy fashion that is inspired by taking physical, spiritual, or emotional journeys.

14. Gnarly's Hellmouth

The word "gnarly" is a slang word, meaning something that is difficult and is associated with skateboard culture. This culture also embodies grunge fashion with its ripped jeans and slightly dirty style. Adding the word "Hellmouth" builds a dark element onto this business name idea.

15. Rampage Hour

This name idea conveys elements of motion, timelessness, and violence through the word "rampage." It speaks to the nature of grunge and invites potential customers to join in. A great name idea for a grungy fashion business.

16. Spill 'n' Scab

The alliteration of the "S" in this name idea creates a memorable effect that is catchy and effective in brand recognition. The words "spill" and "scab" evoke images of fighting and would suit a grungy gym or boxing center.

17. NecroHeadz

A trendy name idea that is inspired by heavy metal. The combination of two words into one is contemporary and will make for a memorable business name. This idea can be used together with an urban font and a cool logo to create a fascinating, grungy brand identity.

18. Unending Midnight

This name evokes ideas of neverending darkness with no lights in sight. It's an idea that resonates with grunge music's topics of neglect, isolation, and social alienation. On the other hand, this name can be used in a positive light with a nightclub to tell customers that the party never ends.

19. Lovable Grunge

A lighter name for a grungy business, this name idea will encourage newcomers to the grunge scene to try your business's services or products. Using the word "grunge" in your business name immediately tells customers what kind of business it is.

20. Ripped Metal

This cool name idea conjures images of jagged holes in metal sheets that would look great in a business logo. It combines the ideas of ripped clothing and heavy metal music, two staples of the grunge lifestyle, in a creative and memorable way.

Cool Business Name Ideas

Find out what goes into making a cool business name.

More Grungy Business Name Ideas:

Cool Grungy Business Names:

  • Cave Dive.
  • Grind Gator.
  • Crave the Rush.
  • High Maven.
  • The Red Room.

Catchy Grungy Business Names:

  • Screaming Sons.
  • Grundy & Scratch.
  • The Rough Guyz.
  • Stomp 'n' Scrap.
  • Tumble Girls.

Unique Grungy Business Names:

  • Piercing Kings.
  • The Lounge Freak.
  • Black Funk.
  • Smoke Stone.
  • The Leather Lounge.


How do I come up with a grungy business name?

  1. Review your business plan for keywords associated with grunge.
  2. Research your competitors for inspiration.
  3. Make a list of synonyms for "grunge."
  4. Run all of your keywords through a business name generator.
  5. Shortlist your favorite names and ask friends and family for feedback.
  6. Check the availability of your favorite business name and secure it.

What are some famous grungy business names?

  • Tunnel Vision.
  • Trash and Vaudeville.
  • Crash Bang Boo.
  • Angry, Young and Poor.
  • Dolls Kill.

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