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Millennial Business Name Ideas:


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1. So Basic

This snappy name is memorable and versatile, making it ideal for a variety of millennial businesses. The word "basic" describes something that's generically popular and is a playful reference to a brand that stocks necessities, such as a clothing store or grocer.

2. TeaTime

"Tea" is a millennial term for gossip, which suggests that your coffee shop or café is the best place for patrons to gather and share personal tidbits over a lovely cup of tea. The word "time" is indicative of your business's speedy services.

3. The Sunshine Club

An impressive name that conveys a feeling of positivity and joy. "Club" implies that your business values community and connection, which are great attributes for a millennial restaurant or artisanal brand to convey.

4. Stan Station

The use of the word "stan" creates a fun, dynamic name that exudes trendiness. If your radio station or podcast business is obsessed with millennial music, art, or people, this name will perfectly match your brand.

5. That's Woke!

This interesting name refers to being "woke," an informal word that means bringing awareness to discrimination and injustice. The addition of an exclamation point gives the name a dynamic quality. It will work well for a millennial blog or news site.

6. Lit Laugh Love

A play on the phrase "live laugh love," this charming name incorporates the word "lit," which means "really good," to elicit a feeling of whimsy and optimism. The alliteration of the "L" makes this name catchy and memorable.

7. Craft Bar

This punchy name refers to artisanal goods, which are very popular among millennials. It's a fantastic choice for a business that creates handmade, high-quality snacks and drinks made from sustainable, clean ingredients.

8. Snatched

If your millennial business helps clients look "snatched" through form-fitting fashions or exercise programs, this name will capture the essence of your brand. It's short, memorable, and offers lots of branding possibilities.

9. ExtraGlow

"Extra" means "over the top" and is the perfect descriptor of a business that helps clients feel radiant and beautiful. Combined with the word "glow," the name encapsulates the mandate of a beauty salon or makeup studio business.

10. Flex Gym

A professional name that uses the word "flex" to evoke a sense of power and strength. In millennial slang, it means to show off one's status, which makes it superb for a fitness studio or gym that helps clients get their dream body.

11. MoodBoard

A "mood board" is a visual tool that depicts one's ideas on a certain topic. The word "mood" is often used by millennials to signal relatability. When combined, it creates a stylish name that's ideal for a visually appealing business, such as a clothing brand, beauty company, or homeware store.

12. 420 Ronin

This cool name references the act of smoking cannabis, which is great for a millennial CBD shop or weed business. The word "ronin" refers to a wandering samurai with no master, giving the name a sense of power and structure.

13. Rosa Nera

Translating to "black rose" in Spanish, this elegant name has a romantic quality to it that will suit a thrift store or second-hand shop with a refined aesthetic. It's sure to catch the eye of hipster millennials with an affinity for retro items.

14. The Vibe Hive

The singsong sound of this appealing name is an excellent descriptor for a millennial business that has a fun, trendy style. "Vibe" refers to a good time, while "hive" is indicative of a community. It's a good choice for a company that celebrates ingenuity and connection.

15. Slay Couture

"Slay" is a millennial slang word for style, conveying a sense of chicness. The word "couture" is perfect for a fashion business that creates snazzy designs. Whether you sell trendy sneakers, sparkling garments, or modern purses, this name will attract a stylish clientele.

16. EcoQueen

A delightful name that expresses a sense of nobility and class. "Eco" suggests that your business focuses on sustainability and eco-consciousness, which are important qualities for attracting a millennial target market. It's a great choice for any type of green business.

17. Plant Buzz

If your restaurant, food truck, or catering business creates plant-based dishes, this name will let customers know that your brand favors organic, clean ingredients. "Buzz" has an energetic sound to it and will have people "buzzing" about your business!

18. Creation Culture

Millennials are known for their creativity and ingenuity. This name will reiterate your brand's modern approach to business whilst conveying a sense of confidence. It's perfect for a modern design, tech, or software company.

19. HighKey

A striking name that lets clients know you're "high key" into amplifying voices and advocating for change. It perfectly captures the essence of a millennial business that values trust, integrity, and balance.

20. Squad City

This playful name uses the word "squad" to conjure images of trendy gathering spots where millennials come together to drink, eat, and be merry. The word "city" suggests that your bar, club, or restaurant has a trendy aesthetic.

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More Millennial Business Name Ideas:

Good Millennial Business Names:

  • Truly Phenom.
  • Chill Teaology.
  • Yusso Fresh.
  • Bake Me.
  • Swerve on the Move.

Unique Millennial Business Names:

  • Chill House Bistro.
  • The Fave Fever.
  • Sassy Yummy.
  • The Munchies Tea.
  • Sugar Me Wow.


How do I come up with a millennial business name?

  1. Consider your aesthetics, as well as the products or services your business offers.
  2. Think about words or phrases that will appeal to a millennial target market.
  3. Use a business name generator to produce some business name ideas.
  4. Make a list of your favorite ones and show them to friends and family.
  5. Use their feedback and secure the best name for your business.

Where can I find a millennial business name generator?

You can use NameSnack to create a unique name for your millennial business. Alternatively, see our list of millennial business names to spark your imagination.

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