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Hipster Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Soul Citrus

A catchy name for a fruit juice company or a supplier of organic produce.

2. GrowThree

Sounds like "grow tree." A wonderful choice for an independent microgreens supplier.

3. Kale & Abel

A memorable and cool name for a hipster brand that produces unusual, carb-conscious snacks.

4. HealthRade

For the health-conscious hipster. Suggestive of a health/wellness store you'd want to "raid."

5. Nut Soul

A perfect name for a brand that believes a healthy body equals a healthy soul.

6. Warm Gin

Suggests a cozy spot where gin-loving hipsters can enjoy a drink while they plan their next protest.

7. Honeyed Kale

A perfect blend of sweet and bitter, this company boasts nutritious, guilt-free treats.

8. Kombucha Cure

Catchy. Picture a store that sells every kind of kombucha under the sun.

9. Cured Ocean

A memorable choice for a cosmetics or bath and body brand that uses ingredients from the ocean.

10. Garden Heal

Suitable for a yoga/wellness retreat or a homeopathic brand. Suggests healing through nature.

11. Rock Bread

A great name for an underground club that plays alternative rock and serves handmade bread.

12. Cool Cashew

Alliteration of the "C" makes for a catchy name. Could work for a fashion or health brand.

13. The Bearded Bar

A name with a masculine energy. A lovely choice for a dive bar for mustachioed men.

14. Refine Wine

Catchy. A great name for a hole-in-the-wall diner known for its good wine.

15. Authentic Bearded Ale

Suggests a bar where a cup of ale can be enjoyed with a fellow beard-wearing hipster.

16. Pecan Apple

Simple and modern. Add a descriptive word or slogan to provide further information.

17. Craft Trash

A great name for an alternative art exhibition space.

18. Raw Antique

Carries connotations of authenticity and quality, two things coveted by hipsters.

19. Basil Boot

A lovely choice for a clothing or leather brand aimed at hipsters. Great logo possiblities.

20. Genuine Cup

Of coffee, wine, gin, or craft beer? All this name needs is a suitable slogan and logo.

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More Hipster Company Name Ideas:

Hipster Brand Names:

  • Mister Geek.
  • The Rebel Mill.
  • Shade City.
  • Litty Literature.
  • Trendy Thrives.

Fun Hipster Etsy Shop Names:

  • Hip-It-Up.
  • Crazy Closetz.
  • The Urban Omen.
  • Cool Canary.
  • Flirty Thrifties.

Good Hipster Business Names:

  • Cool Cuts On The Go.
  • The Hipster Crew.
  • Reel Rebel.
  • Pho You Only.
  • The Resistance Code.

Great Hipster Company Names:

  • The Brave Nerd.
  • Crafts of the Coast.
  • Stir Crazy Munchies.
  • The Crew Den.
  • Haul In Time.


How can I come up with some hipster names for a company?

  1. Do some market research and write down any keywords related to hipsters and counterculture.
  2. Look for synonyms by using an online thesaurus.
  3. Consider using the business owner's name.
  4. Look at your products, services, and location for more inspiration.
  5. Use a business name generator to come up with unique hipster names.
  6. Select your favorite names and gain feedback from trusted peers.
  7. Register your chosen name along with its corresponding domain name.

What makes a company name hipster?

A hipster company name should appeal to the counterculture. Focus on originality, avoid passing trends, and emphasize creativity and quality when choosing a name for your hipster company. Take a look at our collection of ideas for inspiration.

Which companies have hipster business names?

  • Heart Machine.
  • Mobius Digital.
  • Megpies.
  • Better Off Spread.
  • Mike’s Hot Honey.
  • The Kale Factory.
  • Organic Touch.
  • Starlings.
  • Chai Mookie.

How do I use a hipster company name generator?

  1. Enter some keywords into NameSnack to generate scores of hipster company name ideas.
  2. Choose a few of your favorites and show them to friends and family.
  3. Select the name that received the best feedback.

What is a good hipster shop name generator?

Namesnack uses advanced machine learning to generate unique and memorable name ideas for a hipster shop.

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