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Trendy Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Modism

Give your art business a modern, trendy vibe by adding "-ism" to a common word.

2. Kick Set

This trendy name idea is great for a shoe store or company or even a martial arts studio.

3. The Posh End

A trendy, high-class name idea for a clothing boutique or nail salon.

4. Cosy Aces

This fun name idea would be a cute addition to a casino or bar, giving the business a trendy edge.

5. Retro Vibes

The use of "vibes" gives this business name its trendy style; suitable for clothing or antiques.

6. The TrendSetter

A cool name idea that suits a variety of businesses, including knick knacks, fashion, and beauty.

7. A Classy Setup

This great name idea can give a furniture store or interior decorator a cool, trendy edge.

8. The Gritty Vibe

Use this name for a music business to appeal to young trendsetters everywhere.

9. Urban Mood

A classy, brandable name idea that would be great for a clothing line or a coffee shop.

10. Collectible Swank

This great, trendy name idea would suit a souvenir shop or one that sells novelty items.

11. Ritzy Threads

A cool, trendy name idea for a clothing boutique.

12. Chic & Cosy

This trendy name idea would be great for an intimate speciality bar, such as a champagne bar.

13. Sharp Urbane

A fun name idea to give a trendy edge to a variety of business types, such as an art gallery.

14. Artful Vino

Modernize your vinyard or wine boutique with this cool, trendy name idea.

15. Trendy Upgrade

Give your business a "trendy upgrade" with this cool, tongue-in-cheek name idea.

16. Vintage Swag

An awesome name idea for a vintage clothes or antique store.

17. Lyricism

A beautifully lyrical name that would be a trendy addition to any music store.

18. Design Chic

This trendy name works for any type of design business, including graphics, interiors, and clothing.

19. The Sitester

A fun, trendy name idea with the addition of "-ster;" works for a website building business.

20. Moveology

A great name idea that will give a dance studio a trendy, modern feel.

Fashion Business Names

Memorable name ideas for your fashion business.

More Trendy Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Trendy Brand Names:

  • Vibe Caffeine.
  • ModHaus.
  • Snazzy Crafter.
  • Urban Rouge.
  • The Cool Kid Shoppe.

Unique Trendy Bar Names:

  • Fade & Fizz.
  • BluBlaze.
  • Mt Onyx.
  • Lume Lounge.
  • HopsVine.

Attractive Trendy Boutique Names:

  • Crown Clothe Studio.
  • ClosetCute.
  • Disco Blossom.
  • The Denim Source.
  • Finery Fringe.


How can I come up with some trendy company names?

  1. Review your business plan and compile a list of related keywords.
  2. Research the trends in your industry and add related keywords to your list. 3.- Consider adding "-ster," "-ology," or "-ism" to a common word that describes your business.
  3. Otherwise, combine your keywords manually or use a business name generator.
  4. Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.
  5. Secure the domain name.

What makes a business name trendy?

To be trendy is to be fashionable and up-to-date on the latest styles and influences. This idea can also be applied to business names, giving them a modern, fashionable appeal. However, businesses should avoid following a naming trend (such as dropping a vowel), since they are continuously changing. Instead, keep your business name fresh with a name that won't fall out of fashion within a year.

What existing companies have trendy business names?

  • The Boring Company.
  • Brandless.
  • Carta.
  • Off-White X Nike.
  • Impact.

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