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Contemporary Business Name Ideas:


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1. Honest Ice

A cool, multi-use name that rolls off the tongue. "Honest" suggests good business principles.

2. Real Creamy

An understated, modern name for an ice-cream company, cosmetics brand, or wellness brand.

3. Pepper Lion

A unique name with great logo possibilities. Suggests strong flavors. Suitable for an eatery.

4. Tower Silk

A perfect name for a contemporary, luxury hotel or a premium hair care brand.

5. Last Spirit

Suggests rarity and time-honored values. A wonderful choice for an alcoholic brand.

6. The Moon Jig

Has earthy or vibrant connotations. Great for a playful, modern designer brand.

7. Suede Tiger

A memorable name for a company that manufactures clothing from faux fur and/or leather.

8. Granite Sea

Calls to mind strength and vastness. A wonderful choice for a mining technology company.

9. Bedrock Way

"Bedrock" suggests solid values and/or principles, making this a great name for any ethical company.

10. Make Humble

Simple and memorable—a fitting name for any artisanal business that believes in honest work.

11. Adieu Olive

Sounds like "a dew olive," this name is modern, exotic, and memorable. Great for an organic brand.

12. Fever Page

A powerful business name for a publishing house that focuses on steamy page-turners.

13. Love Suede

A descriptive name for a shoe manufacturer that produces designer shoes.

14. Plum Yellow

A highly versatile name that can be adapted to suit many businesses with the right logo/slogan.

15. Antique Courage

Tradition, bravery, and uniqueness are some of the values this contemporary name brings to mind.

16. The Flat Almond

A quirky name for a health store or a wellness brand that dares to be different.

17. Carol Pink

Understated and feminine. Perfect for a jewelry brand or cosmetics company.

18. Heart Lemon

Suggests a balance of sweetness and sour, making this a wonderful choice for an edgy designer label.

19. Delta Regal

Has connotations of luxury. Great for a bedding or premium appliance manufacturer.

20. Order Thick

A clever, modern name for a milkshake company or a trendy brand for curvier figures.

Modern Business Names

Modern business name ideas.

More Contemporary Business Name Ideas:

Unique Contemporary Company Names:

  • Slate Aux.
  • NuWorkz.
  • Shimmer Scene.
  • CorkX Co.
  • Neon Revolve.


How do I choose a contemporary business name?

  1. Look at the names of modern/contemporary/innovative brands and companies.
  2. Conduct industry research and make a list of keywords.
  3. Combine these keywords manually or feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Write down your list of names and share your favorites with others.
  5. Based on feedback, choose the best name.

What makes a business name contemporary?

A business name is considered contemporary if it resonates with modern-day audiences. Companies who adopt contemporary business names rely on the mantra "less is more," and opt for short, punchy names that linger in the minds of their audience.

What are some existing contemporary brand names?

  • Nanushka.
  • Netflix.
  • Patagonia.
  • Grab.
  • Uber.
  • Square.
  • Tesla.
  • SpaceX.

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