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Epic Business Name Ideas:


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1. Crystal Mountain

Conjuring a compelling image, this name is for a sophisticated, professional brand.

2. Infinite Rush

Daring, and a little edgy, this name suggests vibrant energy.

3. New Stratosphere

This name makes a massive statement. Ideal for a brand that is madly innovative.

4. Sky Metropolis

Evoking seemingly infinite space and the buzz of a major city, this is a powerful name.

5. Griffin's Keep

Moving closer to elements in epic fantasy, this name is unique and striking.

6. The Grand Archway

Ideal for a hotel or restaurant, this name suggests opulence, grandeur, and refinery.

7. Sapphire Bridge

This name evokes beautiful imagery, and it sounds great.

8. Peak's Temple

Pairing a mountain peak and a temple is a clever way of suggesting your brand is absolute tops.

9. Neon Atlas

This name gives your business a global quality while evoking a unique and striking image.

10. Cobble Throne

This name suggests that your business values hard work. You build thrones one small stone at a time.

11. Nine Towers

"Towers" suggests power, strategy, and success, all great things to be associated with.

12. Ragged Country

This name is about adventure, exploration, and discovery. It suggests toughness and bravery.

13. Boulder Bear

This unique name conjures a striking image of something extremely formidable and worthy of respect.

14. Tidal Crest

This name says your business is at the top of a surge in innovation and invention.

15. Tenth Planet

In a solar system of only nine planets, the tenth would be an outlier, an unexpected contender.

16. Last Avalanche

So powerful and overwhelming few businesses will be able to follow in your wake.

17. Green Arcadia

The color green has many positive associations. Arcadia was thought to be the ideal place.

18. Indigo Shield

Suggestive of integrity, devotion, and justice, this is a great name for a security company.

19. The Grand Extraordinaire

Ideal for a hotel, this larger-than-life, over-the-top name is epic with a touch of sophistication.

20. Mirror Palace

This is an evocative name that suggests truth and honesty are core values in your business.

Bold Business Names

Striking name ideas for your bold business.

More Epic Business Name Ideas:

Epic Company Name Examples:

  • Comets Landing.
  • Omni Nexus.
  • Titanol.
  • Kingdome Co.
  • Montadon.

Epic Brand Names:

  • In Ovation.
  • Manna Empire.
  • Infinitude Studios.
  • BetaPrime.
  • Beem Global.

Epic Company Names:

  • Galactria.
  • Omega Source.
  • Stellar Crest.
  • Summitron Technologies.
  • Metamorphic Inc.


How can I come up with some epic company names?

  1. Write down as many epic things you can think of.
  2. Search epic landscape images online and write down the words to describe them.
  3. Search fantasy and sci-fi art for ideas.
  4. Explore the worlds of mythology and fairy tale.
  5. Watch epic movies.
  6. Comb ancient history for ideas.
  7. Read through the list to see if anything stands out.
  8. Feed your name ideas to a business name generator.

What makes a business name epic?

A business name is epic if it creates the awe a person would feel when experiencing something larger-than-life, monumental, or unexpectedly impressive.

What companies have epic business names?

  • Lionsgate Films.
  • Royal Dutch Shell.
  • Activision Blizzard.
  • Infinity Ward.
  • SpaceX.

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