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Space-Themed Business Name Ideas:


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1.Malachite Mayhem

Catchy and unique. Works well for an unconventional space exploration company or energy supplier.

2.Vermilion Power

Intriguing. Picture a striking crimson logo with the "V" fashioned into a lightning bolt.

3.Aerospace LogiX

A fantastic fit for an aerospace company that prides itself on logical solutions.

4.Ascendant Eagle

A highly brandable name suggesting a company that's on rise.

5.Armaranth Origins

"Armaranth" is considered a symbol of immortality, so this name may hint at everlasting glory.

6.Nova Science

A simple, yet solid name for an astronomy brand that manufactures various instruments.

7.The Metal Eagle Company

"Metal Eagle" is a clever reference to spacecrafts. Great for an up and coming aerospace company.

8.Onyx Hunter

"Onyx" is a healing stone, & also the name of a space shuttle. Great for a unique wellness brand.

9.Emerald Pentagon

Hints at style, mystery, and intrigue. Great logo possibilities.

10.Bellatrix Blak

"Bellatrix" translates to "female warrior," making this a strong choice for a women's fashion brand.

11.Aquila Origin

This memorable name rolls off the tongue and will definitely stay top of mind.

12.Crescent Comets

Catchy and unique. Have you every wondered what shape a comet truly is? This name piques interest.

13.The Sirius Experiment

Sounds like "The Serious Experiment." A clever, punchy name for a space research initiative.

14.Rockket Fuel

A trendy name that works well for a unique rocket company. Suitable for a designer brand, too.

15.Aurora UltraX

A mouthful, but a credible-sounding name for a planetarium or a science museum.

16.Strange Galaxy

Works well for a curio shop that sells a range of space-themed trinkets & books about the universe.

17.Static Space

A fitting choice for a universe simulator game that uses real astronomical data.

18.The Green Endeavor

An interesting choice for a company focused on minimizing our carbon footprint.

19.Rising Earth

"Rising" may hint at rising sea levels. Great for a business that creates global warming awareness.

20.Metallic Alek

A cute, catchy for a lab supplies brand or a children's science kit manufacturer.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How do I choose a space-themed business name?

  • Make a list of words and terms related to space and/or science.
  • Examine the names of competitors for ideas.
  • Review your business plan and ideal customer profile and add related keywords.
  • Combine your keywords manually or with a business name generator.
  • Shortlist your favorite name ideas and check their availability.
  • Ask for feedback on your top choices.
  • Get the best name.

What makes a business name space-themed?

A business name is considered space-themed if it makes reference to the planets, star constellations, space travel, and/or innovation. While space-themed names are typically used for businesses closely linked to engineering and space exploration, they may be suitable for a wide range of companies depending on their branding strategies.

What are some companies with space-themed business names?

  • SpaceX.
  • Blue Origin.
  • Virgin Galactic.
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation.
  • Ad Astra Rocket Company.
  • Orbital Sciences.
  • XCOR Aerospace.
  • Airbus Defence & Space.

What are some names for space-themed companies?

  • Malachite Mayhem.
  • Vermillion Power.
  • Aerospace LogiX.
  • Ascendant Eagle.
  • Armaranth Origins.
  • Nova Science.
  • The Metal Eagle Company.
  • Onyx Hunter.

What are some names for space-themed brands?

  • Emerald Pentagon.
  • Bellatrix Blak.
  • Aquila Origin.
  • Cresent Comets.
  • The Sirius Experiment.
  • Rockket Fuel.
  • Aurora UltraX.
  • Strange Galaxy.

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