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Geek Business Name Ideas:


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1. The Sweet Realm

A name reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons, making this a great choice for an RPG specialist.

2. Magic Kafé

A versatile name for a store that sells a range of hobby kits, videogames, comics, & more.

3. Dream Grape

A strange name that stimulates the imagination. May work best for videogame or geek novelty shops.

4. RPG Toys

A descriptive name for a seller of tabletop role-playing games, collectible figures, props, & more.

5. Arrow Anime

A catchy name for a contemporary anime shop that sells manga, games, figurines, etc.

6. Nice Den

Simple. Will likely attract geeks looking to kit out their Fortress of Solitude with the best merch.

7. Knot Fun

An ironic and memorable name for a hobby shop focused on the art of knot tying.

8. Fanart X

A fantastic name for an online fanart store that sells prints, novelties, gifts, and more.

9. Hacker Kafé

Not a café where real hackers gather, obviously, but a striking choice for an online tech store.

10. Rage Titan

A powerful name for a videogame company. "Titan" may also suggest a giant geek store.

11. Humble Geek

Suitable for a store with a friendly vibe and helpful assistants who can advise on all things geeky.

12. Geeky Books

This could work for a traditional comic store that also stocks special interest books.

13. Plum Comics

An unusual choice for a quirky comic shop. This name will make your business easy to find.

14. Bird Knots

A name that will raise a few brows. What's a "bird knot?" They'll have to visit to find out!

15. Its Beads

A charming name for a reliable craft store that sells beads, scrapbooking essentials, & more.

16. Astound X

Highly versatile & enticing, this name works for hobby, videogame, comic, and anime shops.

17. Hero Cherry

A fun name that is sure to generate interest in your geeky products and services.

18. Madness Pop

"Madness" hints at the enthusiasm often found in the geek community. Great for a brand or shop.

19. Fun Mystery Store

A descriptive name for a geek business with a darker murder mystery/horror vibe.

20. Gold Lolita

A playful name for a shop that specializes in premium Victorian-inspired anime.

Comic Book Business Names

Cool ideas to kickstart your comic book business.

More Geek Business Names Ideas:

Good Geek Business Names:

  • Theory of Everything.
  • Abstract Office.
  • MoonFish Co.
  • Magic & Mayhem.
  • SoulTech.

Creative Online Geek Business Names:

  • Gadget Go.
  • PipeCo.
  • Brennan's Heroes.
  • Gamethee.
  • A-1 Anime.

Good Pop Culture Store Names:

  • Tiny Twenties.
  • Boom Boom Comics.
  • Krubs Entertainment.
  • Timezone Comics.
  • The Comics Shoppe.


How do I pick a geek business name?

  1. Think about the type of products you'll sell, your target audience, and the brand image you want to create.
  2. Join geek forums and groups to get more ideas and find keywords.
  3. Combine your keywords to form names.
  4. Use a business name generator to come up with more name suggestions.
  5. Share your top names with friends and family.
  6. Choose the best name based on feedback.

What makes a business name geeky?

A business name is considered geeky if it appeals to a particular type of games enthusiast, hobbyist, or techy. Geek business names frequently make reference to elements found in subcultures and you'll have a greater chance of choosing an effective geek business name if you are a member of that culture yourself.

What are some existing companies with geeky business names?

  • Steam.
  • Origin.
  • Humble Bundle.
  • Game Stop.
  • A Store of Fire and Dice.
  • NiftyGifts.
  • CubicFun.
  • ThisIsWhyImBroke.

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