Video game store business names should encourage gamers to come in and browse the shelves or to download the games online. To find the perfect name, you need to know your target market and pick something that resonates with them. Referencing your specialty in the name could be a good option. We've put together a list of top names to help you.

Video Game Store Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.Game Stream

A great name for an online streaming site that supplies games for a range of platforms.

2.Play Shop

A good, simple choice for a physical or online gaming store. Easy-to-remember. Good slogan choices.

3.Play Library

Great for an online video game store that allows users to save their games on a cloud-based library.

4.Game Snap

Great for a speedy-service video game store. "Snap" suggests efficiency.

5.Stream Grid

A trendy name for a digital distribution service. "Grid" suggests a place where users can connect.

6.Open Game

A great name for a gaming website that boasts a large selection of open-source games.

7.End Mode

A reference to the different "modes" players can use in a game. A cool, easy-to-remember name.

8.Fun Sense

A solid, memorable name. Video games are "fun" and often stimulate the "senses."

9.Game Set

A good name for stores that focus on video game "bundle" deals, where users can go to find specials.

10.The Interesting Stream

Suitable for an online store that allows users to download niche or rare video games.

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What are some good names for a video game store business?

  • Game Stream.
  • Game Snap.
  • Play Library.
  • Fun Sense.
  • Game Set.

How do I pick a name for my new video game store business?

  • Make a note of the type(s) of games you'll stock, the gaming communities you'll target, and whether you'll have a physical store, an online service, or both. Jot down any useful keywords.
  • Look at the names of similar stores or streaming services.
  • Make a list of all possible names for your video game store.
  • Share your name ideas with friends and on gaming forums.
  • Pick the best name.

What are some real-life names for video game store businesses?

  • Steam.
  • Origin.
  • Humble Bundle.
  • Game Stop.
  • A Store of Fire and Dice.
  • Collector Cave.
  • GameBusters.
  • Gotham City Games.

What is a good video game store business name generator?

If you're stuck and need more inspiration for your video game store business name, try NameSnack. NameSnack uses AI to generate a list of business names based on your requirements. Visit their homepage, answer some basic questions about your video game store business, and have a list of name ideas at your fingertips in seconds.

What are some cool names for video game store businesses?

  • Play Shop.
  • The Interesting Stream.
  • End Mode.
  • Stream Grid.
  • Open Game.

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