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Anime Store Name Ideas:


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1. Otaku Emporium

"Otaku" refers to a person that is obsessed with Japanese popular culture, which makes it a great choice for an anime store. The word "Emporium" will suit a business that sells a large variety of anime products.

2. Ichiban Anime

This creative and memorable name will let customers know that your anime store is "number one."

3. Manga Mania

"Manga" refers to Japanese comic books and graphic novels, which perfectly describes an anime store that stocks a wide variety of these.

4. Gundam Warehouse

If your business sells various anime action figurines or novelty items, this catchy name will grab the attention of die-hard Japanese military sci-fi fans.

5. EVA Anime

This short yet punchy name means "living one" in Latin and references a popular anime show. Ideal for a futuristic anime store.

6. Samurai Entertainment

A fun and expressive name that will suit an anime store that aims to entertain customers with exciting products.

7. AniMates

This trendy name tells customers exactly what your store is about. It also lets them know that when they visit your anime shop, they will be treated as friends.

8. Totoro's Place

A reference to the beloved Studio Ghibli character, this personable and friendly name is ideal for an anime film and television store.

9. Chibi Creations

"Chibi" suggests that your business stocks cute and funny anime items fit for all ages.

10. Just Saiyan Anime

This inventive name plays on the phrase "just saying" and references a group of characters from the anime "Dragon Ball Z." This is a good choice for a business that sells mainstream or popular anime products.

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More Anime Store Name Ideas:

Good Anime Business Names:

  • The Kawaii Army.
  • Zettai-o-Mania.
  • Neon City Anime.
  • Yume Creations.
  • Bouken Anime.

Best Anime Etsy Shop Names:

  • Chiisai2Chikara.
  • Naruto's Run.
  • Sugoi!
  • Akuma's Lair.
  • The Anime Lab.

Creative Anime Business Names:

  • Attack on Anime.
  • Otaku Club.
  • The Anime-niac.
  • Hikari's Place.
  • Poke-Em-On.

Cool Anime Store Names:

  • Tomodachi Empire.
  • The Manga Cart.
  • Demon Players.
  • Ninki Anime Co.
  • Senpai Megastore.


What are some existing anime stores?

  • Animate.
  • K-books.
  • Toy Barn.
  • Mandarake.
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Where can I find an anime store name generator?

You can navigate to NameSnack to create a unique name for your anime store. Alternatively, see our list of anime store name ideas for inspiration.

How do I name my anime store?

  1. Research existing anime store names and identify common keywords.
  2. Jot down some words associated with your business's message, the products you sell, and your target market.
  3. Use a business name generator to create a variety of unique business name ideas.
  4. Choose a few of your favorites and show them to friends and family.
  5. Select the one that got the best feedback.
  6. Check if the name is available and secure it.

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