Hobby Shop Business Name Ideas:


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1. Hobbyist Toys & Trains

If yours is a hobby store that specializes in model trains and collectors toys, you can't go wrong with this classic business name. There is an old-school feel to the name that exudes a sense of sophistication. This would work well paired with a vintage-style logo.

2. Cave of Wonders

Describing your hobby store as a "Cave of Wonders" is a great way to add a sense of intrigue to get people in the door. It also subtly suggests that you sell classic adventure-style board games in the style of the popular tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons.

3. MyCraft

If you want a name that really grabs attention, "MyCraft" has an audible familiarity with the popular sandbox game "Minecraft." Cleverly, the name also indicates that yours is a hobby store that specializes in craft supplies.

4. Happy Hobbies Center

This self-descriptive business name is all-encompassing and would work for any type of hobby store whether you specialize in crafts, RC toys, collectibles, or board games. The alliteration of the words "Happy" and "Hobbies" helps the name stand out.

5. WoodWorx

This quirky business name could be used to describe a store that sells vintage and collectible wooden toys. It could also mean that you stock Balsa wood toy kits and paint supplies. The name has an interesting style and plays off the term "woodwork."

6. The Hobby Bunker

A "Bunker" is a term that usually describes a defensive military fortification. This a great way to describe your hobby store if you sell games and collectibles with a military influence. The name also implies security and privacy for your customers.

7. The Game's a Foot

If you specialize in obscure board games, puzzles, and 3D sculptures, this is a great business name that adds a quirky twist to a classic line from a well-known Sherlock Holmes novel. This name would be perfect if paired with a logo of a single foot.

8. The Paper Fortress

A clever business name that would work well for a hobby store that specializes in origami products or art supplies. It suggests to customers that your fortress (store) always keeps in stock the most comprehensive range of paper supplies.

9. Collector's Corner

If you specialize in rare and vintage collectibles, this business name is both catchy and apt. The alliteration of the words "Collector's" and "Corner" creates a pleasing sound that rolls off the tongue and is sure to stick in the mind of your customers.

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More Hobby Shop Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Hobby Shop Business Names:

  • The Hobby Lab.
  • Hobbyopolis.
  • The Crafty Mint.
  • Starry Skies Hobby Store.
  • Boredom Busters Inc.

Good Hobby Store Names:

  • The Fantasy Factory.
  • The Hobby Pot.
  • Inkcraft Gallery.
  • Wood Works Hobby Co.
  • The Hobby & Magic Shop.


What should I name my hobby shop?

Choose a captivating name that aligns with the nature of your business. See our collection of hobby shop names for ideas or use NameSnack to create your own.

How do I name my hobby shop business?

  1. Create a list of keywords and phrases related to your industry.
  2. Find synonyms for these keywords.
  3. Combine these words to form names or use a business name generator.
  4. Ask your friends and peers for feedback.
  5. Check the domain and state availability of your shortlisted names.
  6. Select a name and register it.

What are some existing hobby business names?

  • Hobby Town.
  • Mega Hobby.
  • Hobby Lobby.
  • Hobbycraft.
  • The Hobby Co.

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