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Videos & Video Game Rental Business Name Ideas:


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1.Video Game Valhalla

This name suggests that your store is heaven for video gamers.

2.Tapes To-Let

This name's alliteration makes it fun to say and easy to remember.

3.Parker's Video Rentals

Using your own name in the business name makes your service and investment seem more personal.

4.Second Life Video Games

This name links renting a video game to the fact that video game characters have more than one life.

5.Retro Rewind

This name's alliteration makes it catchy, and it describes the appeal of VHS rentals.

6.Round 2 Video Game Rentals

Being rented for another playthrough is like a second round for the video game.

7.Video Rentals on 2nd Avenue

Using your street name helps customers to remember where to find you.

8.Rewind Rental

The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and fun to say.

9.Clyde Hill Video Rental Store

Using the name of the suburb you are in shows that you should be the first choice for residents.

10.VHS Bay

"Bay" suggests that customers will find a wide range of VHS tapes for rental at your store.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Video Game Store Business Names

10 unique and interesting name ideas for your start-up video game store business.


What are some cool video and video game rental business names?

  • Video Game Valhalla.
  • Tapes To-Let.
  • Parker's Video Rentals.
  • Second Life Video Games.
  • Retro Rewind.

How do you choose a video and video game rental business name?

  • Write down keywords related to your business.
  • Use a business name generator to come up with a list of name ideas.
  • Show your name ideas to potential clients and record their feedback.
  • Try to make a note of which names you remember after several days of not looking at the list.
  • Check to see if your name ideas have already been registered.

What are some unique video and video game rental business names?

  • VHS Bay.
  • Clyde Hill Video Rental Store.
  • Rewind Rental.
  • Video Rentals on 2nd Avenue.
  • Round 2 Video Game Rentals.

What are some names of old video rental stores?

  • Blockbuster.
  • Family Video.
  • Redbox.
  • GameRush.
  • DVDXpress.

What are some vintage movie rental store names?

  • Retro Rewind.
  • Silverscreen Rentals.
  • Groovy Movies.
  • Back to the BoxOffice.
  • Vintage VHS.

What are some clever movie store names?

  • Silverscreen Rentals.
  • Groovy Movies.
  • Second Life Video Games.
  • Back to the BoxOffice.

What are some old movie store names?

  • Blockbuster Video.
  • Hollywood Video.
  • Showtime Video.
  • Odyssey Video.
  • Civic Video.

What are some old video store names?

  • Vidiots.
  • Scarecrow Video.
  • Facets.
  • Vulcan Video.
  • Lost Weekend Video.

What are some video game company names?

  • Second Life Video Games.
  • GameQuest Adventures.
  • Video Game Valhalla.
  • Top-Tier Video Games.
  • The Tower Game Shop.
  • Top Shot Video Games.

Where can I find a videos and video game rental business name generator?

Try NameSnack — a free and intuitive business name generator that uses machine learning and instant domain search technology to generate scores of brandable business name ideas.

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