Customers pay television networks, also known as cable companies, for their service. Because your business is about customer satisfaction and entertainment, your name should set the tone for the type of service customers can expect. Check out our list of interesting and fresh names for your television service provider business.

Television Service Provider Business Names:


Business Name


1.Program TV

This name works well because television service providers broadcast programmed TV shows.

2.The Cable Screen

Smart name that refers to the TV screen and cable TV. Perfect for a subscription television service.

3.Deliver Cinema

The word "deliver" implies that your service provider brings the cinema right into households.

4.The Customer Screen

A strong and intriguing name. Sounds like working with your business is the customers first choice.

5.Screen Service

This is a fun name that uses the power of alliteration to remain memorable.

6.My Good Broadcast

"My" sounds personal and the word "good" reassures customers that they'll receive great service.

7.The Service Provider

A powerful name that reinforces your business as the premier service provider of choice.

8.Cinema Cable

The "C" alliteration makes this name catchy and easy to market.

9.The Good TV

A meaningful name that sounds like your service only airs community-driven and quality television.

10.Movie Set

Inspired by movie sets, this name is great for a service provider that airs classic movies.

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What should I name my television service provider business?

  • The Cable Screen.
  • The Service Provider.
  • Program TV.
  • My Good Broadcast.

How do I pick a name for my television service provider business?

  • Identify keywords that help better describe your business and brand.
  • Review your business mission statement and marketing plan.
  • Brainstorm name ideas and approach the target audience for feedback.
  • Conduct a trademark and Google search.
  • Check if the name is registered with the state.
  • Pick a name and register it with the state.

What are some unique television service provider business names?

  • My Good Broadcast.
  • Cinema Cable.
  • Deliver Cinema.
  • The Good TV.

What are some catchy television service provider business names?

  • Cinema Cable.
  • Program TV.
  • Screen Service.
  • Movie Set.

What are some cool television service provider business names?

  • The Cable Screen.
  • Deliver Cinema.
  • The Good TV.
  • Screen Service.

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