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Lighting Fixtures & Equipment Business Names:


Business Names


1.Lighting the City

A fun, memorable name that evokes visual imagery. Suggests an abundance of lighting supplies.

2.Retro Glow

For a store that sells pre-loved and/or vintage-inspired lights.

3.Functional Lighting Co.

Where purpose trumps aesthetics. Alternatively, for those who sell industrial-style lighting.

4.Dimmed Lighting

Portrays a moody feel. Suitable for businesses that stock dimmers, among other equipment.

5.Perennial Glow

A catchy name that suggests premium quality and longevity.

6.Shimmering Lights

Sounds delicate and beautiful. For businesses that sell fairy lights, crystal chandeliers, etc.

7.Flicker Tap

Fun and memorable. "Flicker" evokes visual imagery, while "Tap" elicits auditory imagery.

8.Ornate Lighting

Ideal for a business that manufactures or sells elaborate light fixtures and equipment.

9.Industrial Lights

For a company that specializes in heavy-duty and/or industrial-style lighting.

10.Flicker Fixtures

A fun, catchy option that uses alliteration to boost memorability.

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

See why thousands of new businesses design their logos with Zarla.

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What are some good sound and lighting company name ideas?

  • Audible Lights.
  • Boom Lighting.
  • Sound and Lighting Technicians.
  • Center Stage Events.
  • Crystal Clear Co.
  • Loud Lighting.
  • Hydro Sound and Lighting.
  • Lightwind Tempo.

What are some unique lighting shop names?

  • Lighting the City.
  • Retro Glow.
  • Dimmed Lighting.
  • Perennial Glow.
  • Shimmering Lights.
  • Flicker Tap.
  • Ornate Lighting.
  • Flicker Fixtures.

Where can I find a lighting store business name generator?

Try NameSnack — a free, intuitive lightning fixtures and equipment business names generator. You'll start by providing one or more keywords. Thereafter, you can enter a short business description, indicate which of the NameSnack-suggested keywords should also be considered, and identify your type of business. All name ideas can be emailed to you.

What are some industrial lighting company name ideas?

  • The Light Spot.
  • Functional Lighting Co.
  • Artisan's Lighting.
  • Heavy-Duty Beams.
  • Bulky Lights.
  • Industrial Lights.
  • The Light Factory.
  • Laboratory Light.

What are some lighting design company names?

  • And Radiant.
  • The Lighting Artists.
  • Trendy Lights.
  • Boldly Lit.
  • The Ambiance Designers.
  • Center Stage Lighting.
  • Curated Lights.
  • Bespoke Light.

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