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Interesting Company Names:




1. Game Changer

This is an enticing name for a company that specializes in video games and equipment.

2. Fussy

A descriptive and catchy name for an exclusive pet food company catering for discerning pet owners.

3. Dream Factory

A creative name for a recruitment company that alludes to career dreams becoming a reality.

4. Wanted

This online shopping company name will entice buyers browsing for fashionable items.

5. Hooked

This is a descriptive and playful name that will attract the interest of fishing enthusiasts.

6. Glamclick

A company name that cleverly combines the words glamour and click, alluding to convenient shopping.

7. Wowster

This is a catchy clothing company name that will appeal to young and trendy shoppers.

8. Reboot

A unique travel company name that hints at restoration by means of creative association.

9. Fun Corp

This is an enticing name for a company specializing in the planning and hosting of corporate events.

10. Green Basket

A clever name for an online garden equipment company that suggests convenience and variety.

11. Pooch Couture

This is a playful company name that hints at fashionable pet accessories and clothes.

12. Fabric Fantasy

A name that would attract those who seek a wide variety of fabrics to choose from.

13. Sizzlers

This company name cleverly alludes to the sound of food being grilled to perfection.

14. Zoomies

This is a catchy name for a company that sells new and used delivery motorcycles.

15. Gretchen's

A personalized and memorable bakery name that suggests European influence in their baking style.

16. Domain Fixer

This company name proposes an easy solution to the process of registering internet domains.

17. TechnoGreek

A witty and memorable name for a Greek company that specializes in IT solutions.

18. Chilled

This is a creative name for a company that customizes, sells, or hires out refrigerated containers.

19. Purfection

A witty and discerning company name that suggests a feline spin on pet accessories.

20. Nifties

This is a descriptive and catchy name for a company that offers home renovation solutions.

Great Business Names

A collection of great business name ideas spanning various industries.

More Interesting Company Names:

Good Interesting Company Names:

  • Scrunch & Swish.
  • Green Wowz.
  • Eyes on the Luck.
  • Puzzling Blue.
  • Couchpotato Secrets.

Interesting Business Names:

  • Hipoki's.
  • Strangeness Spot.
  • Wonder Clue.
  • Spoiled Toads.
  • Blitzy Hippo.


What companies have interesting business names?

  • Sharp.
  • FreshBooks.
  • Dog's Life.
  • Mango.
  • Lullabuy.
  • Neocyber Technology.
  • Zing.

How can I come up with some interesting company names?

  1. Do some research and list keywords related to your company.
  2. Look for synonyms by using an online thesaurus.
  3. Consider using unique and interesting word combinations.
  4. Brainstorm words that create interesting associations.
  5. Use a business name generator for more ideas.
  6. Ask friends for feedback on your favorite name ideas before you decide.

What makes a company name interesting?

Interesting company names break with tradition and draw attention to companies’ products or services in unique ways. They may cleverly hint at a company’s line of business, or creatively combine business keywords with associations or descriptions. Interesting company names are memorable and catchy, and they often contain an unexpected twist.

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