Metaphysical Business Name Ideas:


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1. Space&Time

A strong and memorable name that uses the words "space" and "time" to conjure images of the cosmos. Ideal for a space-themed business or niche bookstore.

2. ProQuantum

Referencing a measured amount of energy or matter, this powerful name exudes professionalism. It's well-suited to a variety of technology-oriented businesses.

3. Temple of Serenity

"Temple" conveys strength and durability, while the word "serenity" lets customers know that your business is a place of relaxation and tranquility. A sublime choice for a spa, meditation center, or health store.

4. Celestial Studio

If your business offers products or services related to outer space and its various wonders, this creative name will help get your message across. Perfect for a yoga studio or art gallery.

5. Praxis

Referring to the practical application of a theory, this short but sweet name is super versatile and well-suited to a variety of metaphysical businesses.

6. Mandala Magic

Alliterative and fun to say. A "mandala" symbolizes healing, harmony, and the cycle of life. This "magical" name is excellent for a business that sells health products or offers healing services.

7. Exergy

This atypical name is associated with heat processes and systems. It has a sense of energy to it and will work well for a metaphysical business in construction, engineering, or design industries.

8. MetaCentric

A straightforward and cool name that "centers" around the idea of transformation. A superb choice for a gym, body sculpting studio, or any other business that aims to help clients transform their bodies and minds.

9. Cosmic Connections

A mystical name that hints at your business's goal of helping clients connect with themselves or others on a spiritual level. It also conveys a message of divinity and protection.

10. OpenWorld

Metaphysics is all about looking past what is in front of you and out into the universe. This compelling name takes this idea and presents it to clients in a practical yet enticing way.

11. MindMason

A "mason" refers to a skilled stoneworker, which suggests that your education or training business will help build and shape the minds of your pupils.

12. Lyashi

This simple yet striking name means "healing" in Japanese and implies that your metaphysical business uses alternative medicine to cure, remedy, or restore clients' health. Ideal for a reiki business or holistic health store.

13. Supreme Entropy

Meaning "extraordinary chaos," this amusing name is the perfect descriptor of a fun business that does not take itself too seriously. Great for a science-themed indoor play area.

14. The Physics Fiends

Physics enthusiasts will love this authoritative and imaginative name! It will let clients know that you are passionate about physics and its many branches, including metaphysics.

15. GalaxyGlaze

An alliterative and cute name that references the universe's star system. "Glaze" is ideal for a confectionery or dessert shop that sells treats glazed in sugar.

16. Apeiron

Translating to "unlimited," this impressive name conveys a message of inexhaustible creativity. It could also imply that you assist clients with recognizing their untold potential.

17. House of Divinity

If you want your tarot or fortune-telling business to exude authority or expertise, this distinctive name will perfectly communicate that idea.

18. Eternal Earth

A versatile name that will express your metaphysical business's affinity for earthly treasures. It evokes images of sparkly gems, crystals, and aromatic herbs.

19. Heiros Designs

"Heiros" means "sacred" in Greek and is a fantastic choice for a spiritually-inclined business that specializes in creative endeavors. It's great for a tattoo parlor, clothing store, or curio shop.

20. Knowledge Emporium

A formidable name that conjures images of grandeur and stature. "Emporium" suggests that your business stocks a wide variety of learning materials or products made to master a skill.

Spiritual Business Names

Ethereal name ideas for your spiritual business.

More Metaphysical Business Name Ideas:

Divine Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Auras By Andrea.
  • Harmony of Peace.
  • Esoteric Zen.
  • The Phoenix Crystal.
  • Mystical Mindsets.

Peaceful Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Lights of the Mind.
  • The Energy Well.
  • The Soul of Zen.
  • Harmony in Time.
  • Bliss Within You.

Soulful Metaphysical Business Names:

  • True Zen Centre.
  • Spirits & Sounds.
  • The Bliss Realm.
  • Mind Insight.
  • Soul by Nature.

New-Age Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Luna's Lore.
  • Magna Vedanta.
  • Oasis New Age Centre.
  • Body & Soul Magic.
  • Nexus Reality.

Catchy Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Mind & Soul Holistic.
  • The Mystical Place.
  • New Dawn Online.
  • Bunbury Mystic.
  • The Moon Path.

Inventive Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Esoteric Tree.
  • Chant of Chakra.
  • Divine Aura.
  • Lotus of Wisdom.
  • Zen & Life Co.

Professional Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Balance Oasis.
  • Infinity Eternal.
  • Totem Tranquility.
  • The Spirit Well.
  • Astral Element.

Creative Metaphysical Business Names:

  • Revelation Emporium.
  • Lunar Alchemy.
  • Jove Metaphysical.
  • The Crystal Gate.
  • Elemental Calm.


How do you name a metaphysical shop?

  1. Jot down a few keywords that describe your shop, its products, and its location.
  2. Think of some adjectives that are associated with metaphysics.
  3. Combine the words and feed them into a business name generator.
  4. Make a list of your favorite names and get your friends and family's opinion on them.
  5. Narrow down the list based on the feedback received.
  6. Select the best name and check its availability.

Where can I find a metaphysical shop name generator?

You use NameSnack to create a unique and catchy name for your metaphysics business. Once you've found the perfect name, head over to Zarla to design a logo to match your new business name.

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