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Reiki Business Name Ideas:


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1.The Palm Reiki

Reiki is done predominantly through the palms, so evoking it as an image makes for a powerful name.

2.Flowing Reiki

Suggestive of a peaceful and calm environment, this name evokes images of rivers and streams.


Catchy and trendy, this name brings an ancient art and technique into the modern era.

4.River Flow Reiki

Evoking a sweeping and peaceful, positive image, this name itself is calming and suggests mastery.

5.River Hands

Bringing the image of a flowing river into the reiki practitioner's hands creates a powerful name.


A trendy, modern name for a reiki business. It is ideal for both large centers and in-home therapy.

7.Stream Palm

This name evokes the calming image of a stream flowing through the hands. Ideal for reiki therapy.

8.Sunshine Palm

Ideal for any reiki business, this name suggests warmth, healing, and energy.

9.Timeless Flow

A very strong name that suggests ancient knowledge and modern application.

10.Solar Breeze

A unique name that evokes the warmth and energy from the sun and the calm flow of a breeze.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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What are some unique reiki business names?

  • River Flow Reiki.
  • Solar Breeze.
  • Sunshine Palm.
  • The Palm Reiki.

What are some clever reiki business names?

  • Stream Palm.
  • Sunshine Palm.
  • GoFlow.
  • River Hands.

What are some cool names for a reiki business?

  • Solar Breeze.
  • ReikiUp.
  • GoFlow.
  • Timeless Flow.

What are some creatuve reiki business name ideas?

  • My Achy Reiki Heart.
  • River Hands.
  • Sunshine Palm.
  • UpVibe.

How do I name my reiki business?

  • Start a list of ideas.
  • Add reiki qualities and values.
  • Add the names of things that embody some of these qualities.
  • Use a business name generator to create interesting names.
  • Select the best from your list and show your friends and family.
  • Decide which of your favorites sound and look good and evoke positive images.
  • Search to see if the name is available.
  • Register your name.

How do I choose a reiki business name?

The ideal name for your reiki business must look and sound good and evoke powerful images or emotions that relate to reiki values. Once you've got a list of favorites, ask your friends and family for feedback.

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