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Tarot Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1.The Eye Indigo

A mystical name. The "eye" indicates clairvoyance and "indigo" represents energy in tarot readings.

2.Soothe Mind

Reminiscent of "soothsayer," clients often visit psychics to gain peace of mind.

3.The Card Soul

A solid name. May attract clients who require spiritual cleansing. "Card" is a reference to tarot.

4.Third Tarot

A reference to the "third eye chakra," a popular concept in divination.

5.The Elemental Blue

Great for a tarot reading service that also uses crystals ("elements") in the readings.

6.Eternal Indigo

A spiritual, yet trendy name that rolls off the tongue. Suitable for a modern tarot studio.

7.Heal Alchemy

May attract clients who require spiritual "healing." Could also be a reference to alchemical tarot.

8.Soothe Angel

A reference to "soothsayer." "Angel" may reassure anyone who feels tarot readings are unsafe.

9.Emotional Medium

This name may attract clients who need relationship advice or emotional guidance.

10.Go Mystical

A modern name. Think readings via phone and Skype. "Go" suggests efficient, hassle-free service.

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

Try the world's #1 online logo maker

See why thousands of new businesses design their logos with Zarla.

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What are some unique tarot business names?

  • The Eye Indigo.
  • Soothe Mind.
  • The Card Soul.
  • Third Tarot.
  • The Elemental Blue.

What are some cool names for tarot businesses?

  • My Studio Sense.
  • Paranormal Divine.
  • Heal Candle.
  • MysticaLove.
  • Sense Mystic.

What are some memorable tarot business names?

  • Eternal Indigo.
  • Heal Alchemy.
  • Soothe Angel.
  • Emotional Medium.
  • Go Mystical.

How do I pick a name for my tarot business?

  • Conduct research and look at existing names of tarot and psychic reading businesses.
  • Consider your clientele and the tools you'll use in your readings.
  • Write down any relevant keywords and use them to come up with name ideas.
  • Feed some keywords into a tarot business name generator.
  • Share your top names with others.
  • Register your best name.

What are some names of established tarot businesses?

  • Physic Readings by Ashley.
  • Crystal Energy Readings.
  • The New York Medium.
  • Song of Sparrows.
  • Blue June Tarot.

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