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Paranormal Business Name Ideas:


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A beautiful name idea for a supernatural shop that sells ritual items.


A cool, gothic name idea that works for a nightclub, paranormal society, or even a book store.


This cool portmanteau of "vampire" and "ritual" makes a great paranormal business name idea.


Catchy paranormal name idea that suits a music business.

5.Phantom Minds

Mystical name idea that gives a consultant or tech business a paranormal edge.


Good, brandable name idea for a spiritual reading or tarot business.

7.Night Phantom

This cool, paranormal name idea works for a security business or martial arts company.


A catchy, memorable name idea for a bookshop or video game company.

9.Into The Light

Inspired by the saying of "going into the light," for entering life after death.

10.Full Moon Seeker

This paranormal name idea is an oblique reference to werewolves who shapeshift under the full moon.

11.Quantum Paradox

A cool, science fiction name idea for a chemical, medical research, or scientific research company.

12.Unknown Mysteries

Explore the mysteries of the unknown with this name for a murder mystery or escape room business.


A deliberate misspelling of "scary" for a gothic edge to a Halloween store.

14.The Other Side

"The other side" is used to refer to the land of the dead. Suits a fencing company.


Cool name idea for a business that specializes in cryptozoology, the study of paranormal creatures.


Inspired by vampires, this paranormal business name could work for a costume or Halloween store.


Paranormal name idea that refers to the psychic activity of summoning spirits. Suits a tech company.

18.Zombie Mouse

This deceptively cute name offers great logo design opportunities for a variety of business types.


Meaning "fear of the mind," this makes an interesting business name for a goth or supernatural shop.


A cute name idea for a children's clothing or toy store inspired by fairytales.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some paranormal business names?

  • Research the paranormal and compile a list of keywords that have meaning or influence for you.
  • Review your business plan and add related keywords to your list.
  • Combine your keywords manually or with a business name generator to create name ideas.
  • Shortlist your favorite names and ask for feedback.

What makes a business name paranormal?

"Paranormal" is used to describe events, phenomena, and creatures in popular culture, folk tales, and non-scientific knowledge that cannot be explained or defined by science. These include psychics, telepathy, spiritualism, ghost hunting, cryptozoology, aliens, and more. Paranormal business names draw on these phenomena for inspiration.

What are some examples of paranormal business names?

  • Enchantments.
  • Demonics.
  • Night Phantom.
  • Full Moon Seeker.
  • Sqary.
  • Fangtastic!
  • Psychophobia.

What companies have paranormal business names?

  • The Witching Hour Paranormal Ghost Tours.
  • Paranormal Investigators of Northern-American Science.
  • Gaia International, Inc.
  • Grave Encounters Ghost Tours.
  • Hearse Ghost Tours.

What are some paranormal brand names?

  • Haunter.
  • Phantom Minds.
  • GhostStory.
  • Quantum Paradox.
  • The Other Side.
  • iConjure.
  • Pixietism.

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