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Magical Business Name Ideas:


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1.The Enchanted Florin

Ideal for a bar or cafe, this is a unique and beautiful name. A florin is an old coin.

2.Ogre's Rest

With its nice use of a fairytale creature, an ogre, this name is magical and memorable.

3.The Singing Salamander

"Salamander" is so rarely used in a business name, and so using it makes the name daring and fun.

4.Father Forest

This name is compelling, easy to remember, and striking. It suggests trust.

5.Good Rabbit

Ideal for a production house or advertising agency, this name is striking, imaginative, and cool.

6.Wolf & Waif

An excellent name for a bar or pub. The wolf and waif hint at Little Red Riding Hood

7.Candy Cabin

Great for a candy store, this name is short and snappy, sounds good, and makes use of alliteration.

8.Chattering Cherry Blossom

This splendid and imaginative name is ideal for a craft store, tea house, or delicatessen.

9.Warning Fox

Taken from a very old fairytale and changed slightly, this is a wonderful and memorable name.

10.Cat Mouse House

Very daring and edgy, this is a name for a creative agency or quirky restaurant.

11.Ponder Wonders

Playful and quirky, this is a great name. It is easy to say and remember.

12.Just a Spell Away

Playing on the phrase, "just a phone call away," this name is fun, clever, and memorable.


A fun nod to the great world of illusion and magic, this is a striking and memorable name.

14.Happy Mandrake

A "mandrake" is a type of plant that has a root steeped in legend. An evocative and unique name.

15.Moonlit Valley

A magical name that is ideal for an agricultural business.

16.Witches Brew

A great name for a craft beer company, this name is familiar and memorable.

17.Enchanted Crumb

A nice fairytale-inspired name that would suit a bakery or cafe.

18.The Foreverglades

A playful twist on the wetlands in Florida, this is a captivating name.

19.The Magic Word

This name plays on the idea of spells and incantations but also the magic word, "please."

20.My Voodoo

This is a catchy and compelling name for a clothing brand. Very evocative and edgy.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Magician Business Names

Cool and compelling names for your magician business.


How can I come up with some magical business names?

  • Write down as many magical things you can think of.
  • Search fantasy and fairytales for ideas.
  • Explore the worlds of mythology and fairytale.
  • Watch movies with magical elements.
  • Read through the list to see if anything stands out.
  • Pair different words from the list.
  • Type magical keywords into a business name generator.

What makes a business name magical?

A business name is magical if it is surprisingly delightful and beautiful in ways that are out of the norm, or if it seems to come from magical stories, fairytales, spells, or magic culture.

What are some examples of magical business names?

  • The Enchanted Florin.
  • Good Rabbit.
  • Candy Cabin.
  • The Foreverglades.

What companies have magical business names?

  • El Rei de la Màgia.
  • Grand Illusions.
  • The Timid Rabbit.
  • Witches Brew.

What are some magical brand names?

  • My Voodoo.
  • Moonlit Valley.
  • Happy Mandrake.
  • Wolf & Waif.

What are some magical names for a business?

  • Ponder Wonders.
  • The Foreverglades.
  • Just a Spell Away.
  • Cadabra.

What are some magical name ideas for my business?

  • Moonlit Valley.
  • Witches Brew.
  • Father Forest.
  • My Voodoo.

What are some good magical store names?

  • The Enchanted Florin.
  • Cadabra.
  • The Magic Word.
  • Happy Mandrake.

What are some cute magical company names?

  • Moonlit Valley.
  • Enchanted Crumb.
  • Witches Brew.
  • Cat Mouse House.

Where can I find a magic world name generator for a business?

Try Namesnack — you can generate hundreds of magic world business name ideas for free by simply inputting a few keywords.

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Business Name Generator

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