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Dark Business Name Ideas:


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1.Arsenic Potion

Referencing a highly toxic mineral, this name could serve as a dark name for a gothic makeup brand.

2.The Witch Orchid

Magic meets beauty. This name is suited to a coffee shop or bar with a delightfully dark twist.

3.Death Cove

Calls to mind a rough or dangerous sea adventure. Visit "Death Cove" for a pure adrenaline rush.

4.The Faustian Bargain Box

Luckily you won't need to make a deal with the devil to get your hands on these bargains!

5.Scarlet Healer

A wonderful choice for any spiritual business that provides remedies to heal the body and soul.


A suitable name for a dark, fae-themed outdoor cafe that encourages patrons to dress up.

7.Ghosted Gifts

What do you gift someone who's ghosted you? A great name for an anonymous gifting service.

8.Golden Ghoul

A catchy, memorable name, perfect for a company that makes tasteful gothic jewelry.

9.Blood on my Hands

A striking choice for a prop or stage makeup store.

10.The Sightless Unicorn

Not for the fainthearted! The image of a unicorn with its eyes gouged out will not be forgotten.

11.The Witch's Tongue

A dark name for a restaurant that serves up various delicacies, including tongue.

12.Stitched Mouth

A unique name for a designer brand with a grunge aesthetic.

13.The Bone Book

Calls to mind a specialist bookstore where you can find books on magical and mystical topics.

14.Rotten Lungs

An unapologetic and powerful name for a shop that sells various tobacco products.

15.A Dying Craft

Include a fitting logo to add more description to this dark and nostalgic name.

16.The Pulsing Nest

Why on earth would a nest be "pulsing"? A great name for a fresh take on a haunted house.

17.Voodoo Blend

Hints at a magical elixir brewed by a powerful sorceress. Great for any anti-aging product.


A simple, understated name for a tattoo studio.

19.The Forgotten Nest

Could hint at an abandoned home. Great for a dark bookstore that also serves coffee and snacks.

20.Twisting Shadows

Highly versatile and striking. Adapt this name to your business with a fitting logo or slogan.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How do I choose a dark business name?

  1. Comb through the names of existing gothic or occult-inspired brands and companies.
  2. Think about the type of products and/or services you will offer, your clientele, and what makes your business unique.
  3. Make a list of keywords and combine them to form names.
  4. Use a business name generator to come up with more ideas.
  5. Share your top names with others.
  6. Pick the best one.

What makes a business name dark?

A dark business name should hint at strange, frightening, mysterious, or taboo ideas and concepts. Dark business names are striking because they appeal to a sense of unease and fear, but they should never be so terrifying that they alienate or disgust your target audience. Tread lightly, and make sure you've done your market research before choosing a dark business name.

What are some examples of dark company names?

  • Arsenic Potion.
  • The Witch Orchid.
  • Death Cove.
  • The Faustian Bargain Box.
  • Scarlet Healer.
  • Unfaegettable.
  • Ghosted Gifts.
  • Golden Ghoul.

What are some companies with dark business names?

  • Rebel Circus.
  • Ultra Violence.
  • Asylum Tattoo.
  • Fright Nite Manor.
  • The Reaper Haunted House.
  • Trail of Terror.
  • Frightland.
  • Statesville Haunted Prison.

What are some dark brand names?

  • The Sightless Unicorn.
  • The Witch's Tongue.
  • Stitched Mouth.
  • The Bone Book.
  • Rotten Lungs.
  • A Dying Craft.
  • The Pulsing Nest.
  • Voodoo Blend.

What are some scary restaurant names?

  • Arsenic Potion.
  • Death Cove.
  • Unfaegettable.
  • Blood on my Hands.
  • The Sightless Unicorn.
  • Stitched Mouth.
  • The Pulsing Nest.
  • Twisting Shadows.

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