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Gothic Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Crimson Shadows

This eerie, gothic name idea brings to mind frightening images of bloodsoaked shadows.

2. Pandora's World

Invite customers to enter a world where Pandora released the torments from her box.

3. The Raven Hunter

A cool, gothic name idea that would suit a bookstore. Inspired by Poe's works.

4. Dark Poison

A beautifully gothic name idea that gives an ironic twist to a coffee shop or chocolatier.

5. Luna Eclipse

This lyrical name idea would suit a goth clothing and accessories store.

6. Obsidian Aurora

Evoke dark images of dangerous lights in the sky with this cool gothic name idea.

7. Eris' Discord

Inspired by Greek mythology, "Eris" was the goddess of discord. Great for a music shop.

8. Black Rose

This beautiful, gothic name idea suits a clothing or makeup brand.

9. The Spells of Isis

A cool name idea inspired by the Egyptian goddess of magic; suits a supernatural or book shop.

10. Empty Tears

A great name idea for a gothic band! This poetic name idea gives a sense of desolation and loss.

11. Forgotten Shadows

This gothic name idea would suit a security company promising to cover those forgotten shadows.

12. The Serpent & The Crow

Inspired by Aesop's fable, this gothic name idea would be great for a criminal law office.

13. NecroNoir

Alliterative name idea that combines "necro," meaning "relating to death," with "noir," or "black."

14. Gothic Gehenna

Inspired by the idea of a "gothic heaven," this idea instead uses another name for a "form of Hell."

15. Arcane Veil

A gothic name for a supernatural store that invites customers to draw back the veil on the arcane.

16. Whispers of Pain

This gothic name idea is well-suited to a tattoo or piercing parlor.

17. Hemlock & Thorns

A poisonous name idea that gives a gothic twist to any business type.

18. Mystic Xenos

"Xenos" is a Greek word typically used for "stranger." Great gothic name for an online dating site.

19. Plumpking

Inspired by the Halloween character, "pumpkin king," this gothic name idea suits a lipstick brand.

20. Dark Hunt

Inspired by the folklore motif of the "Wild Hunt;" suitable for a hunting equipment or gun store.

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More Gothic Business Name Ideas:

Pastel Goth Business Names:

  • RainboWeird.
  • Lilac Blood Moon.
  • Feline's Magic.
  • MintBitez.
  • Cursd Beauty.

Good Gothic Store Names:

  • Enchanting Raven.
  • Ghoul's End.
  • The Lace Witch.
  • Dreamland Noir.
  • Madame Bat's Emporium.

Great Gothic Brand Names:

  • The Bone Bride.
  • Needle & Thorn.
  • Onyx Baroness.
  • Scorpion Angel.
  • The Dark Alchemist.

Trendy Gothic Shop Names:

  • Wolf Mystique.
  • Cat & Crow Café.
  • Siren's Crystals.
  • Cult Flame Candles.
  • Nightmare Rose.


How can I come up with some gothic shop names?

  1. Review your business plan and how you want to portray your brand.
  2. Compile a list of keywords.
  3. Research the gothic world and add keywords with personal meaning to your list.
  4. Look into your top competitors and add related keywords to your list.
  5. Combine your keywords manually or feed them to a business name generator.
  6. Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.

What real-life companies have gothic names?

  • Bat Attack.
  • Alchemy Gothic.
  • Demonia.
  • Queen of Darkness.
  • Aderlass.

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