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Science Company Name Ideas:


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1. The Science Council

This clever name is eye-catching and sophisticated. "Council" is an authoritative word that immediately commands attention. Adding "the" to the start of the name gives the impression that your business is the number one choice when looking for scientific knowledge.

2. SpaceTech

A marketable name that sounds distinguished and professional — themes that will help build trust with your target market. The clever combination of the words "Space" and "Tech" adds a modern twist that speaks to your business's innovative solutions.

3. The Bold Botanist

If you want your business to appear trendy but knowledgeable, this is the ideal name for you! "Bold" suggests that you're the best source for audacious ideas, while "Botanist" offers great branding possibilities and makes your business's specialty clear.

4. Skyworks Science

This is a trendy and marketable name that sounds sophisticated. The alliteration gives this name a timeless quality that will look great on promotional material. "Skyworks" sounds edgy and modern, while "Science" makes it clear that you specialize in various scientific fields.

5. NuArc

A punchy and versatile name that would suit a company that specializes in archeology. "Nu" creates a sense of innovation and modernity, conveying the essence of present-day archeology discoveries. "Arc" cleverly ties in "archeology" while also symbolizing moving into a new phase.

6. The Science Sistas

A creative name suggestion that has feminine undertones and plenty of brand expansion opportunities. Perfect for a science company run by women, this clever business name is versatile and memorable, qualities that will help improve brand recognition.

7. Iconic Explorers

A fun, trendy name that immediately lets customers know you're an expert in the field of scientific experiments. "Iconic" adds a sense of originality, while "Explorers" sounds distinguished and reliable. It's the perfect addition to a science company that specializes in discovering new solutions.

8. New Era Science

This name is modern and versatile, suiting a startup looking to bring in the "new era" of scientific discovery, which will thrill clients looking for fresh ideas. "Science" gives you plenty of room to experiment with marketing and brand expansion, and it will attract your target market.

9. The Physics Source

If your science company focuses on modern physics discoveries or industry updates, this sophisticated name will suit your brand's essence. "Physics" is cool to say out loud and highlights your brand's specialty, while "Source" hints that you've got the inside scoop.

10. Powered By Jupiter

A cool name that has humorous undertones. "Jupiter" is an enormous planet that's known as the fastest spinning planet, traits that speak to your business's size and efficiency. Perfect for astronomers, this name has great marketing possibilities and would pair well with a logo of the planet.

How to Name a Tech Company

An eight-step process to naming a tech company.

More Science Company Name Ideas:

Professional Science Company Names:

  • ITeam Innovation.
  • Blue Spark Science.
  • OneCore Computing.
  • Xenon Science.
  • Future Science Labs.

Futuristic Science Company Names:

  • Proximus Energy.
  • Skylab Science.
  • Invent4Dream.
  • Future's Horizons.
  • Hence, Future.

Innovative Science Company Names:

  • Kolony Lab.
  • Intex Sciences.
  • InnoSeq.
  • Celestial Work.
  • Fibre Molecular.

Creative Science Business Names:

  • Astronomy of Dreams.
  • Elite Science Design.
  • SciActs.
  • Project: Beyond Fact.
  • Imagine Science Labs.

Good Science Company Names:

  • Quantum Sense.
  • Cryo Horizon.
  • Expanse Technology.
  • Photon Innovation.
  • Celestial Analytics.

Catchy Science Company Names:

  • FutureTexx.
  • Technocalypse.
  • Sky Visions.
  • OpenScience Alliance.
  • Unitech.


How do I come up with a clever science business name?

  1. Consider your brand, business strategy, and the target market you want to attract.
  2. Research your competitors and identify keywords that are associated with science.
  3. Combine your keywords and feed them to a business name generator to come up with ideas.
  4. Gather your top ten name ideas and ask trusted peers for their feedback.
  5. Check your ideal name's availability and register it.

Why do I need a professional business name for my science company?

A professional science company name is an important asset for a science company, as it indicates experience, expertise, and innovation and instills trust in your customers. Use NameSnack to find the perfect name for your science company.

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