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Amazing Business Name Ideas:


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1. Volcano Isle

A great name for an adventure clothing brand, craft beer, or fun park, this is a strong name.

2. The Super Wow Company

You don't get more amazing than this. If your brand can live up to it, its a keeper.

3. Grape

Fruit works. When used as a name for a company that has absolutely nothing to do with fruit.

4. The Zebra's Narwhal

Ideal for a gastropub or secondhand bookstore, this name makes use of an unexpected pairing.

5. Five Leaf Clover Club

Perfect for a modern spa or events company, this name works because five leaf clovers are rare.

6. Ten Thousand Owls

Evoking a striking, overwhelming image, makes this name striking and compelling.

7. Bottled Lightning Co.

Such an evocative image, suggesting superior creativity and innovation.

8. Vermilion Sky

Evoking the rich red color and painting the wide-open sky with it makes a name no-one will overlook.

9. Mirror Bridge

A strong image and a name that sounds great. Great for a publishing house or production company.

10. Giant Cakery

What isn't appealing about a giant cake? The striking image is a reminder of childhood wonder.

11. Big Fat Rocket Academy

A bombastic and daring name like this is perfectly suited to a production house or podcast company.

12. Purple Quince

Pairing the quirky, joyful color with a rare, almost comical-sounding fruit will surely amaze.

13. Steal Flamingo

When you read this name your mind can't help see something unique, and strange, and wonderful.

14. Crystal Trumpet

A striking image that almost sounds like a magical artifact in a story. A memorable name.

15. Naughty Nautilus

Playful and alliterative, this name has character and hints to a story.

16. Glow Bull

Playing on the word "Global," this name creates a striking, imaginative, and unique image and name.

17. Snap Bang Group

Ideal for an advertising agency or social media marketing company, this name has that "Wow" factor.

18. Space Popsicle

Another image out of the left field. Compelling, imaginative, and unique. A strong name.

19. Vroom Klang

Stealing two onomatopoeias from comics and gluing them together works well to form a great name.

20. Limbo Lemur

A comical, quirky name that will turn heads and won't easily be forgotten.

Inspiring Business Names

Inspiring business names for a range of businesses.

More Amazing Business Name Ideas:

Amazing Company Names:

  • Azure Storms
  • The Sparkillion.
  • Phoenix Fireflies.
  • Bolt Vixen.
  • The Velvet Cactus.

Amazing Brand Names:

  • Twelve Cats Crystals.
  • Aura Borne.
  • Liquid Diamond.
  • Eternity's Closet.
  • Indigo Blaze.


What makes a business name amazing?

A business name that pairs two or three ideas that are very rarely seen together and that does so in a way that unexpected and sort of bewildering can be called an amazing business name. Sometimes a single word can also be an amazing business name because its use is utterly new and unexpected. Peruse our list of examples for inspiration.

How can I come up with some amazing business names?

  1. Create a list of keywords based on your mission and core values.
  2. Combine these manually or use a business name generator to create some unique name ideas.
  3. Request feedback on your favorite names.
  4. Check if your preferred name is available.
  5. Register your chosen name.

What companies have amazing business names?

  • White Claw.
  • DreamWorks.
  • George & Dragon.
  • Bombay Sapphire.
  • Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin.

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