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Good Business Name Ideas:


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1. Nonna's Cuisine

"Nonna's" offers a sense of warmth and familiarity, while "Cuisine" sounds professional.

2. Flexi Tracker

Perfect for a business that makes tracking devices, whether for fitness or safety purposes.

3. Driving Nostalgia

A catchy, intriguing name that would suit a vintage car dealership.

4. Pawesome Kennels

Super cute! For a pet boarding facility or a business that sells kennels.

5. Love, Beijing

Perfect for a souvenir store or a business that draws inspiration from Beijing.

6. Fuzzy Fellas

For an animal sanctuary or a store that sells plush toys. That said, we love it for a cactus store!

7. Lifted and Nourished

References the outcome of the business's products and/or services. Perfect for a hair care brand.

8. Soothing Skin

An alliterative name that produces a calming effect. Great for a cosmetics company or even a spa.

9. Unearthed Delights

Promises clients access to hard-to-find items. Ideal for a business that promotes sustainability.

10. Clothing the Village

For a nonprofit business that distributes clothes and other necessities to vulnerable groups.

11. Holiday Reminiscing

Almost prompts clients to revisit their own treasured memories, which serves as a mnemonic device.

12. Braving the Storm

Ideal for a therapy practice or a consulting company that helps clients weather challenging moments.

13. EveryBloom

For a florist that stocks virtually every conceivable type of flower.

14. Revisited Memories

Screams "nostalgia." For a business that offers historical tours, repurposing services, or similar.

15. Remembering Grandma

An evocative name for a business that helps clients honor loved ones who have passed away.

16. Rebuilding Bridges

A multiuse name that could work particularly well for a consulting or construction company.

17. Sunkissed Livin'

Perfect for a skincare company or tanning salon that offers a healthy, year-round glow.

18. Tasting Germany

For a German restaurant or an international grocery store.

19. Riding Jupiter

A fun name that would work well for a creative design or galaxy-themed business.

20. Java Juice

An alliterative name that conveys meaning about the products on offer.

Great Business Names

A collection of great business name ideas spanning various industries.

More Good Business Name Ideas:

Good LLC Names:

  • Goodness One.
  • The Moral Centre.
  • Harmony of Virtue.
  • A Hope for You.
  • True Confectionery.

Good Brand Names:

  • True Saffire.
  • Fair Deal Biz.
  • Atlas Anima.
  • Good to the Last.
  • Sage and Serenity.

Creative Small Business Names:

  • Well Above Greatness.
  • Pure Attitudes.
  • Romeo's Pride.
  • Staying True to Life.
  • The Moral Hero.


Where can I find a list of good business names?

We've compiled a list of good business names that you can claim as your own or use as a springboard for creating more unique names. Alternatively, use NameSnack to generate thousands of ideas if you're looking to expand your pool of options.

How can I come up with some good business names?

  1. Reflect on your offerings. Identify where they derive inspiration from, pay close attention to how they are formed, and consider your target audience. Use these insights to jot down keywords.
  2. Combine your strongest keywords manually or by using a business name generator. While doing so, try your hand at forming rhymes, puns, and similar creations.
  3. Gain feedback from trusted peers.

What makes a business name good?

Business names are usually deemed to be good when they are creative, easy to spell and pronounce, and able to grow with the business. Depending on the industry and specific target audience, rhymes, puns, and other creative combinations of keywords may be well received.

Which companies have good business names?

  • Fitbit.
  • The Boring Company.
  • Alphabet.
  • In-N-Out Burger.
  • Brandless.

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