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Witty Business Name Ideas:


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1.Batter Up!

A fun, witty name idea that works for a cake & patisserie shop or even a seafood restaurant.

2.Lord of the Pies

This witty name idea is a pun on a classic book title. Good for a bakery or diner.

3.One Basket of Eggs

Derived from "putting all your eggs in one basket." Humorous addition to an accounting business.

4.Not Yo Things

Advertise your security company in a humourous way by warning would-be thieves.

5.Just Horsing Around

A witty name idea for a games company, toy store, or horse equipment store.

6.A Novel Experience

This witty name idea for a bookshop promises customers a new experience with every book.

7.Get The Jitters

This catchy name for a coffee shop is a witty play on drinking too much coffee.

8.Hitch The Wagons

A cool business name that adds a touch of wit to a car business or trailer hire company.

9.I've Been Framed!

This witty name idea is great for a framing business or even a company that deals in windows.

10.Jacked Up!

This cool, slang-inspired name is a witty addition to a gym or fitness center.

11.Cold Front

A witty business name for an ice cream shop that brings to mind images of snow storms.


This simple business name idea for a bag shop refers to how women's handbags carry everything.

13.Are U Gonna Eat That?

This fun, tongue-in-cheek name idea is a witty addition to a weight loss center.

14.Too Fly For A WiFi

A witty play on a classic rap song that works perfectly for an internet or tech company.

15.Criminalized Onions

This witty name for a vegetable business uses a purposeful misspelling of "caramelized."

16.The Emperor's Clothing

A catchy name for a vintage clothing shop that draws inspiration from "The Emperor's New Clothes."

17.Just A Feeling

A fun, cheeky name idea that is a witty addition to a massage parlor or spa.

18.Sole Search

The alliteration on the "S" makes this witty name for a shoe shop catchy and memorable.


This fun, witty name idea works for a therapist's office or for a jeans business.

20.Carat Cache

A catchy name idea for a diamond jewelry shop that plays on the idea of "carat" and "carrot."

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

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How can I come up with some witty business names?

  • Think about the business you are starting and brainstorm some keywords.
  • Consider unusual associations for each of your keywords and add them to your list.
  • Look into puns and idioms that are relevant to your business and add related keywords.
  • Combine your keywords manually or use a witty business name generator.
  • Shortlist your favorite names and check their availability.

What makes a business name witty?

A witty business name is quick, inventive, and humorous without being derogatory or offensive. Witty business names may also make unusual connections between words and/or ideas to prompt a smile from customers and may make use of puns, rhymes, metaphors, slang, etc.

What are some examples of witty business names?

  • Batter Up!
  • Not Yo Things.
  • Get The Jitters.
  • Jacked Up!
  • Are U Gonna Eat That?
  • The Emperor's Clothing.
  • DeStressed.

What companies have witty business names?

  • Amigone Funeral Home.
  • Pane in the Glass.
  • Hang Over.
  • Chain Reaction Ride Shop.
  • Hair We Are.
  • Indiana Bones: Temple of Groom.
  • Vinyl Resting Place.
  • Wok This Way.
  • Who Did Your Hair Salon.
  • Sew What?
  • Sew It Seams.

What are some witty brand names?

  • Lord of the Pies.
  • Just Horsing Around.
  • Hitch The Wagons.
  • Cold Front.
  • Too Fly For A WiFi.
  • Just A Feeling.
  • Carat Cache.

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Business Name Generator

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