Eye-Catching Business Name Ideas:


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1. Peachi Panther

The alliteration makes this a memorable name that effortlessly rolls off the tongue.

2. Woovy

Quick, unique, and bursting with branding potential. You'll love creating a fun logo and slogan.

3. The Bull's Bollocks

Cheeky and downright jaw-dropping. This witty name could suit a modest bar or bistro.

4. Banuna Boys

Clever play on words. The purposeful misspelling of "banana" helps make this catchy name stand out.

5. The Paddling Panda

A witty and memorable addition to a business that specializes in water sports equipment.

6. Fuud Co.

Trendy & modern. This eye-catching name is made for those in the food service industry.

7. Master Mart

"Master" hints that you're an expert in your field & "mart" implies that you have loads of variety.

8. Pajamas + Jelly

An odd but unique pairing of two household favorites. This will surely have customers looking twice.

9. Vovvo

Sleek & intriguing. It's simple but creative design instantly demands attention.

10. The Simple Fox

A unique, eye-catching name that offers great growth potential. Only needs a fun fox-inspired logo.

11. Grow & Grub

Clever & catchy. This name is best suited to those in the agriculture or food service industries.

12. Tattle Vine

"Tattle" means gossip and "vine" is derived from "grapevine." Good for a gossip or chat application.

13. Eyvve

Simple & punchy. Has connotations of femininity. Could work for a clothing brand aimed at women.

14. Little Dough

An alluring name that is sure to draw interest. Works for a bakery or pizza shop with small slices.

15. Life's A Pitch

This fun, tongue-in-cheek name idea is a perfect addition to a marketing or investment business.

16. Sales Plum

Could be a fun and creative addition to a consulting firm that specializes in sales improvement.

17. Perinto

Simple but still manages to draw the eye. Will pop in all caps and sleek fonts.

18. The Pink Potter

A fantastic name for a women-owned business that stocks creative pots and ceramics.

19. Value Valley

Sounds familiar & creative. Promises customers that your business's service will be valuable.

20. Citruze

Modern & eye-catching. A fruit-inspired name that will look great next to an orange logo.

Awesome Business Names

Amazing name recommendations for your business.

More Eye-Catching Business Name Ideas:

Unique Eye-Catching Business Names:

  • The Clever Bird.
  • Love This Pink.
  • Gritty Glory.
  • A Kiss of Glow.
  • Pulp & Cake.

Clever Eye-Catching Company Names:

  • Kraken Dash.
  • Divine Stylin.
  • Sneak A Secret.
  • Artful Catch.
  • Fantastic 14.

Good Eye-Catching Brand Names:

  • The Slippery Frog.
  • Zombie Luv.
  • Funky Foggy.
  • The Attic Queen.
  • Love Bold.


How can I come up with some eye-catching business names?

  1. Consider your brand, target market, and products and services.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and share them with trusted peers.
  3. Use online polls, surveys, and a business name generator for inspiration.
  4. Check name availability in the state.
  5. Choose a memorable name and register it.

What makes a business name eye-catching?

A business name is eye-catching when it's inventive, unique, and able to hold attention as soon as customers lay their eyes on it. Eye-catching business names are found in almost every industry and are great for marketing purposes.

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