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Unique Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. CrunchSort

A quirky mashup for an accountant who crunches numbers and sorts your finances.

2. My Racing Link

This compound name links your bicycle repair shop to the fast-paced world of marathons and races.

3. Pixie Cruise

For those cleaning fairies who provide a quick and efficient boat cleaning service.

4. A Taste of Midnight

An elegant name suitable for a variety of business types, such as a clothing store or wine bar.

5. CrookedGIF

A quirky name for a blogger or social media influencer that plays on the idea of "a crooked grin."

6. The Candy Rush

A fun name for a sweet shop, party supply store, children's party planner, or a toy store.

7. Adorable Cookie

A cute name for a bakery or patisserie that will draw young and old alike.

8. MysteryView

Running an escape room or puzzle store? This is an intriguing name to keep your customers guessing.

9. Consultracking

Whether tracking issues on a console or offering consultant services, this unique name works well.

10. The Secret Song

A great, romantic name for a romantic idea, such as a book store, wedding boutique, or flower shop.

11. HappyBark

With this brandable name, a dog walker can assure clients that those are happy barks they hear.

12. Ghost Edit

For those freelance editors who are so good at what they do, it's like they're not even there.

13. My Lemon Ginger

This compound mix could work very well for a tea room, funky clothing or accessory line, or similar.

14. NovelRainbow

A graphic designer may enjoy this unique name that tells a colorful story.

15. Forever Fantasy

This name could work for a costume store, a comic book publisher, or an artist.

16. The Sound Theory

A great name for a music and/or record store. This name could also work for a tech startup.

17. My Italian Garden

A restaurant owner can express their Italian roots with this cute name.

18. CodeHTTP

This name works especially well for web designers as it tells clients what they can expect.

19. Lyrical Edition

A podcast or blog may enjoy the poetic value of this unique name.

20. MethodStorm

A nonsense name that can be used for a variety of business types, including a tech startup.

Examples of Unique Business Names:

1. Apple.

Steve Jobs came up with the name for his technology company after having spent some time on an apple farm. He wanted a name that would be fun, friendly, and not intimidating in a time when many people were intimidated by computers. After attempting to think of more technical names, he and his co-founder settled on Apple.

2. BAPE.

BAPE is a Japanese clothing company that caters to Japanese adolescents. The brand's full name is "A Bathing Ape" and comes from a Japanese proverb about an ape bathing in lukewarm water. The proverb refers to overindulgence and, according to the company's founder, speaks to the opulence and overconfidence of the brand's target audience.

3. Kodak.

George Eastman, the company's founder, loved the letter "k" and wanted the name of his company to begin and end with the letter. His only other requirements for the name of his company was that it must be short, could not be mispronounced, and should not resemble anything else. He eventually came up with Kodak by using an anagram set.

4. Samsonite.

In 1939, Shwayder Brothers, Inc. designed a piece of luggage with a strong fiber coating. Being a religious man, Jesse Shwayder, one of the founders, chose the Biblical name Samson, a man known for his supernatural strength, to represent the strength and durability of this luggage. The company started using the Samsonite name shortly thereafter.

5. Häagen-Dazs.

The very definition of a unique name, Häagen-Dazs was created by Reuben and Rose Mattus. They were originally a family-run business from Brooklyn, NY, but business was slow. Reuben Mattus blamed this on the old business name, and so created a Danish-sounding name that would attract attention. In fact, Häagen-Dazs has absolutely no meaning.

6. Monoqi.

Monoqi sources limited edition, hard-to-find lifestyle design products from around the world. Their name is a mashup of mono, meaning singular or unique, and the sound that the word 'key' makes (qi). In this way, Monoqi states that their one-of-a-kind designs are the key to an individual lifestyle.

7. Kiosked.

This platform allows publishers to display high-quality advertisements on their websites. Their image tagging technology turns the images and videos on these websites into small stores or kiosks, and the company name is a somewhat quirky indication of this.

8. Tiffany Rose.

Tiffany Rose is a brand of maternity wear that combines the founder's first name with the metaphor of a rose to highlight the femininity and premium quality of these designs. The distinct feminine brand quality definitely appeals to its target audience.

9. Xerox.

While it might seem non-sensical, Xerox is actually a shortened form of the word xerography, which is the technical name for the dry copy process that photocopiers use. So, Xerox directly reflects what the company does, with an extra letter 'x' added at the end to give the name a tech-savvy feel and make it more poetic to say.

10. Verizon.

Verizon is a combination of the Latin word veritas, which means "truth," and the word horizon. This name is meant to tap into the customers' emotions to invoke images of a wide-open aether, vision, openness, and honesty.

Who Should Use Unique Business Names?

Any type of business can have a unique name to help them stand out from their competitors. However, unique business names run the risk of being difficult to spell or pronounce and it can often be challenging for the name to catch on.

However, in general, businesses that have a serious purpose, such as financial institutes and lawyers' offices, tend to use more traditional names, such as the names of the partners.

How to Register a Business Name

Learn how to register a business name with our step-by-step guide.


What does unique mean in a business name?

Unique business names are usually made up, unusual, or have special meanings. To create a unique name, you can find inspiration just about anywhere, but you should ensure the name you come up with is easy to spell and pronounce. Have a look at our list of unique business names for some ideas.

How do I come up with a unique business name?

  1. Consider what your business means to you and who your customers are.
  2. Draw inspiration from mythology, foreign languages, metaphors, or your own experiences.
  3. Use a business name generator.

What are some unique name ideas?

  • CrunchSort.
  • My Racing Link.
  • Pixie Cruise.
  • A Taste of Midnight.
  • CrookedGIF.
  • The Candy Rush.
  • Adorable Cookie.
  • MysteryView.

Where can I find a unique name generator?

NameSnack is a great business name generator that uses AI and user-inputted keywords to generate different styles of names, such as creative, unique, startup, short, keyword, and industry-style names.

What are some famous unique business names?

  • Apple.
  • BAPE.
  • Kodak.
  • Samsonite.
  • Häagen-Dazs.
  • Monoqi.
  • Kiosked.
  • Tiffany Rose.
  • Xerox.
  • Verizon.

What are some unique company names with meanings?

  • The Sound Theory.
  • Consultracking.
  • SoulNosh.
  • TeCradle.

Can I use a name mashup for my business?

Yes, you can combine any combination of words or names to create a unique name idea for your business. Examples include CrunchSort, Consultracking, and CodeHTTP.

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