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Awesome Business Name Ideas:


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1. Master Munch

A memorable name that sounds like a neighborhood favorite. Suits a food service mobile application.

2. The Trendom

Striking & unique. You'll enjoy marketing this. Perfect for an online/social media based business.

3. Bud Sprout

A clever and marketable pairing of words that will attract customers with a green thumb.

4. World of Awe

Promises variety and surprise. Could work for a toy shop or gift shop that stocks everything cool.

5. The Mystic Maven

This whimsical name will turn heads! The branding possibilities has loads of room for creativity.

6. Tool Troop

A funky and catchy name that's ideal for a hardware store. "Troop" hints that you value teamwork.

7. AweChamp

Unique and on brand. This could be an awesome addition to a sports club or gym.

8. Funksome

Punchy and trendy. This name will really pop with colorful branding and playful fonts.

9. Bean Base

Catchy & marketable. Think coffee bean inspired logo and beautiful brown branding.

10. Sour Melon

A descriptive name that conjures the citrusy taste of sour melons. You'll love all the slogan ideas.

11. Buns n' Baskets

Catchy & fun. The perfect name for a brand. Those in the food service industry will eat it up!

12. Ninja Grid

An intriguing name that immediately grabs attention. Could suit a security business.

13. Belly Bull

Cheeky & full of potential. This was made for a restaurant that serves tasty belly busters.

14. Poppy Blue

A timeless name that sounds gentle and whimsical. Has connotations of femininity & childlike wonder.

15. The Burgundy Bistro

An excellent choice for a simple and modest bistro. The name already sets out your branding colors.

16. Brass Banana

Cheeky & evocative. The logo ideas are plentiful. You'll surely turn heads with this witty gem.

17. Sprout About

A playful name that is made for a business that specializes in growing fresh vegetables and fruit.

18. Peechii

Simple, effortless, and a dream to brand. The ideal fit for a feminine or kids clothing line.

19. The Bashing Bean

Fun & creative. The perfect combination for those looking to start a cool coffee shop or bean brand.

20. Silver Serpent Security

A bold choice for a security business. Think dark branding and a striking logo of a silver serpent.

Cool Business Name Ideas

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More Awesome Business Name Ideas:

Catchy Awesome Brand Names:

  • The Cosmic Spot.
  • Ooze & Glow.
  • Luna Buns.
  • Wild Lilac.
  • Vine & Twine.


How can I come up with some awesome business names?

  1. Consider your brand, target market, and business specialty.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and feed them into a business name generator.
  3. Share your ideas with peers and ask them for feedback.
  4. Use online polls and surveys.
  5. Check the name availability in the state.
  6. Choose a trendy name and register it.

What makes a business name awesome?

A business name is awesome when it sounds unique, innovative, and is able to give you a good laugh. Awesome business names are generally found in the digital or creative industries thanks to their trendy and easy appeal.

What existing companies have awesome business names?

  • Owl Crate.
  • Fairyloot.
  • The Toad.
  • Lovisa.
  • SpaceX.

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