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Catchy Business Name Ideas:


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1.Cool Crust

The repetitive sound and spelling of this name makes it a catchy name for a pizza or pie restaurant.

2.Pasta Tasty

As a name for a pasta restaurant, this name is catchy because of the repetitive "t" and "a" sounds.

3.The Hard Hit

The Hard Hit is an ideal name for a gym or fight class. The alliteration makes it memorable.

4.Hustle Hub

The alliteration in this name makes it catchy and memorable.

5.Grow Good

This name uses alliteration and the similar "oh" and "ooh" sounds, making it catchy.


Baketasty is catchy because it is a new combination of words and repeats the "a" sound.


A food delivery company could make use of this name because it is a unique, relevant word.

8.Bottle Bay

This name works well for a wine or beer store because of the alliteration.

9.Crispy Crust

This name creates a powerful image of the quality of food you could expect from a restaurant.


This name works well for a craft store because it conveys the message of having fun.


This name resembles the spelling of "goodness," making a statement about the quality of food.

12.Happy Tap

This name could apply to a brewery, bar, or tap dancing studio. The rhyme makes it catchy.

13.Shoe Ship

The alliteration and sound repetition in this name makes it a catchy name for a shoe store.


As a play on "purebred," this catchy name would work well for a publishing house or bookstore.


This name could apply to an app that allows users to flip through scripture or couture.


A car sales app could use a name like this to show the easy nature of the platform.


The alliteration of this name makes it catchy, and it would be ideal for a car sales business.


A juice shop or coffee house could use this name. The short syllables make the name memorable.


A news app could use this name because the rhyme of "news" and "view" make it easy to remember.


An art gallery would benefit from a name like this because of the alliteration.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

Enter words related to your business to get started.

Creative Business Name Ideas

Discover examples of creative business names and who should use them.

Examples of Catchy Business Names:

1. Google

The world's most-used search engine was initially supposed to be named Googol, but an angel investor misspelled the name when writing a check. This is an example of how the simplest spelling is more memorable to clients and will help them to find your business online.

2. Coca-Cola

The product is named after its main flavor ingredients: the coca leaf and kola nut. The name should be spelled "Coca-Kola" but this did not read as well as having two C's. It is easier to spell and in general, the name is pleasant to pronounce because of the repetitive sounds and short syllables.

3. Kodak.

Kodak is a made-up word designed specifically to be catchy. The founder of the company believed that the name was easy to say and spell, it would be easy to trademark, and it was not associated with any other products.

4. Snapple.

The business was initially named Unadulterated Food Products, but this name was far too long to be memorable. Instead, the name Snapple described the product: a snappy apple drink. The name is unique, easy to say and spell, and reminds customers of the experience of drinking the product.

5. The Boring Company.

The Boring Company is a catchy name because it describes what the company does, as well as poke fun at the seemingly "boring" nature of the industry. The element of humor, as well as the use of a simple name combination, makes it catchy.

6. Buffer.

Buffer is a catchy name because buffering is a term well-known in the media industry, making the name easy to remember. Considering how frequently the term is used in social media, the name may even make this business more relevant than similar brands.

7. Yahoo!

The word "yahoo" came from the novel "Gulliver's Travels," making it fairly familiar to many customers. Used in the context of a search portal, the word is unique and not used by any similar companies. The word is easy to say and spell, making it more memorable.

8. Facebook.

While the words "face" and "book" are commonly used, the combination resulting in the name of the popular social network is entirely unique to the industry. The name is also descriptive: "face" refers to the people one can connect with, and "book" refers to the way the platform indexes friends and how users can access profiles.

9. Groupon.

Groupon works well as the name for a virtual discount website because it plays on the word "coupon" and suggests that you can find a collection of coupons on the site. The word "group" is also indicative of the fact that many deals offered on the site apply to multiple purchases of tickets or experiences.

10. GoPro.

The first noticeable characteristic of this name is that it rhymes. The rhyme makes it pleasant to pronounce and easier to remember. The name also suggests that using this product equates to professionalism, making it attractive and effective.

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How do I come up with a catchy business name?

A catchy business name usually rhymes, has an interesting spelling, and/or is pleasant to pronounce. Brainstorm a list of keywords that relate to your business and look for synonyms that could also be appropriate. Once you have a list of words, you can try a few combinations.

What should I name my business?

Your business name should reflect your product, goals, or a relevant characteristic like a location or an ethical stance.

How do I create a name?

You can create a name by brainstorming keywords, doing market research, and using a business name generator such as NameSnack.

What are some catchy business name examples?

  • CoCanvas.
  • Pasta Tasty.
  • MotorMark.
  • Flipture.
  • FreshPress.

Where can I find a catchy business name generator?

Try Namesnack — you can generate scores of catchy business names for free by simply inputting a few keywords. Look at our list of catchy business name ideas for inspiration.

What are some interesting catchy company names listed?

  • CoCanvas.
  • NewsView.
  • Craftspark.
  • Hustle Hub.
  • Baketasty.

What are some catchy store name ideas?

  • Crispy Crust.
  • Bottle Bay.
  • Happy Tap.
  • FreshPress.
  • MotorMark.

What are some catchy company name ideas?

  • NewsView.
  • Autotap.
  • Pureread.
  • Flipture.
  • Grow Good.

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