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CBD Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. MotherBlossom

A very compelling and great-sounding name that evokes mother Earth, beautiful flowers, and renewal.

2. JoyNectar

A name that won't easily be forgotten. By replacing oil with "Nectar" the name has a gentler sound.

3. LushGaia

The rich and healthy vitality of "Lush" fits perfectly with another name for mother Earth, "Gaia."

4. BloomDrip

Catchy and trendy, this is a less obvious name that implies "renewal" and "life."

5. SoilHead

Ideal for those businesses that grow their cannabis organically. A strong and memorable name.

6. ElixiRoot

Blending "elixir" and "root," this catchy name brings up images of potions, magic, and nature.

7. GemGrass

Nature's treasure. This is an ideal name for any CBD business. Catchy and trendy.

8. DeepBotany

For an upmarket brand, this name has a professional, chic, and fancy ring to it.

9. My Hemp Tincture

Reminiscent of when medicine salesmen roamed the west, this name is ideal for a vintage-style brand.

10. BotanicalTru

Evoking splendid gardens and cherished collections, this is the ideal name for any CBD business.

Cannabis Business Names

Cool and catchy name ideas for your cannabis business.

More CBD Business Name Ideas:

Interesting Head Shop Names:

  • OrganiBuds.
  • Hemp Therapy.
  • The Green Buds.
  • Falling Buds.
  • Code Hemp.

Good CBD Oil Business Names:

  • I Want My CBD!
  • CBD Health.
  • My Hemp Friend.
  • Bluntly Put.
  • Buds and Buddies.

Catchy CBD Oil Business Names:

  • CBD Planet.
  • The Blunt Boutique.
  • CBD Hero.
  • High Above.
  • CBD Natural Oils.

Great CBD Oil Business Names:

  • Blunt Revolution.
  • Hemp Momma.
  • Clearly CBD-Minded.
  • Dank Hemp.
  • Blunt Queens.

Memorable CBD Business Names:

  • Hemp Hero.
  • Buds of the Valley.
  • Your Hemp Basket.
  • Bluntly Said.
  • Pops' and Moms' CBD.

Interesting CBD oil Company Names:

  • Therapeutic Buds.
  • Focus on CBD.
  • Hemp 4 You.
  • Budding Fields.
  • The CBD King.

Inventive CBD Store Names:

  • Green Vita.
  • Healing Leaves.
  • Personal Hemp Curator.
  • The Leafy Boutique.
  • Uncle Hemp.

Dope CBD Brand Names:

  • Bump and Blunt.
  • Hemp The Way.
  • We Be Buds!
  • The Hemp Lords.
  • Green Smoke Shop.

Funny CBD Business Names:

  • Let's be Buddies.
  • The Hempster Cage.
  • Let us Leaf.
  • Hemp Hippies.
  • Better Buds.

Good CBD Company Names:

  • Leafy Clinic.
  • Chilled Buds.
  • Shooting Hemps.
  • Bluntly.
  • Botanix.


How do I name my CBD oil business?

  1. Brainstorm some potential names.
  2. Think about words and concepts related to your business, target audience and mission statement.
  3. Try combining words or use a business name generator.
  4. Review and reflect on your list.
  5. Gain feedback.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Secure the name.

What are some existing CBD business names?

  • Premium Jane.
  • Just CBD.
  • PureKana.
  • Binoid.
  • Lazarus Naturals.
  • Gaia Herbs.
  • NuLeaf Naturals.
  • Diamond CBD.

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