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Dispensary Business Name Ideas:


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1. Releaf

The wordplay makes this name fun and memorable. Include a cannabis leaf in your logo for maximum effect.

2. Higher Grade

References the alternate state produced by THC while suggesting that you offer premium products.

3. Plant-Based

Clients will immediately know that you sell natural products. Leaves room for the business to expand.

4. High Supply

This catchy pun is memorable and speaks to the effect of your products.

5. Mellow Yellow

This rhyme is a reference to the song about a cool and laid-back person.

6. Leafy Green

Refers to healthy vegetables. It makes the product seem accessible to ordinary families.

7. The Green Pharmacy

A trendy name that references alternative remedies. The word "Pharmacy" offers a sense of credibility.

8. Nature's Own

Clients will know to expect only the best products nature can offer at this dispensary.

9. The Green Planet

Implies a healthier way of life and awareness of one's surroundings.

10. Sweet Mary Jane

"Mary Jane" is a slang term for cannabis and will add a homely touch to your brand.

Cannabis Business Names

Cool and catchy name ideas for your cannabis business.

More Dispensary Business Name Ideas:

Classy Dispensary Names:

  • Wise Weeders.
  • Monsieur Green's.
  • The Green Palace.
  • All-Natural Meds.
  • Lazy Lounge Dispensary.

Catchy Dispensary Names:

  • Mellow Masters.
  • One-Stop Weed Shop.
  • Zen & Zonked.
  • Trippy Trippers.
  • Sloshed Store.

Witty Dispensary Names:

  • High-Life Dispensary.
  • Kush For Emergency.
  • Spaced-Out Space.
  • Pot Half Full.
  • Toke Tokens.

Inventive Names For Dispensaries:

  • Hazy & Lazy.
  • The Loopy Lounge.
  • Zonk Zone.
  • Pot Palace.
  • Home of Hopped-Up.

Memorable Dispensary Name Ideas:

  • Herbz in the Burbz.
  • Green Medicine.
  • Ol' Red Eyes.
  • The Hash Stash.
  • Ganja's Guidance.


How do I pick a name for my dispensary?

  1. Consider your brand and the type of clients you want to attract.
  2. Jot down all the keywords that come to mind.
  3. Combine your keywords manually to create some names.
  4. Feed your keywords into a business name generator to obtain even more name ideas.
  5. Ask family and friends for feedback on your favorite ideas.
  6. Review your findings and pick the best name.
  7. Check availability before you register your chosen business name.

What are some tips for naming my dispensary?

  1. Do not cheapen your brand with the name you choose.
  2. Be mindful of the type of client you want to attract when choosing a name.
  3. Avoid getting caught up in the idea that only a certain type of person will use your products. Cannabis has become a modern alternative to traditional healthcare products and is used by a diverse group of people.
  4. Make sure that the name you choose reflects the quality of the products sold.
  5. Peruse our list of name examples for inspiration.

What are some real-life weed dispensary names?

  • Weedmaps.
  • NuWu Cannabis Marketplace.
  • Grassroots.
  • Sunnyside.
  • Planet 13 Las Vegas.

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