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Quirky Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. Wrong Moo

A fun name that triggers the imagination. Great for a business that offers milk alternatives.

2. Glitz & Clamor

A play on words gives this name an edge. Suitable for a kids party planning business.

3. Tippy Toads

A catchy name that is a little silly and could work well for a kid-focused business.

4. The Soup Zoo

An unusual combination that is suitable for an eccentric food business.

5. Frog Along

A quirky and memorable name that is suitable for a travel agency offering pet-friendly holidays.

6. The Blue Bafoon

A weird and catchy name that hints at a bizarre or very quirky business concept.

7. Fry Tide

A short but playful name for a fish and chips shop.

8. Mundane Martha

A catchy name that can work well for a business that skips the frills.

9. The Nut Snob

A great name for a business that sells nuts or interesting products containing nuts.

10. A Thong story

Playing on the phrase "a long story," this name is a fun choice for a kinky lingerie store.

11. Weird & Motherful

A lively and playful name that lets potential customers expect curious products/services for moms.

12. Wackice

An odd and cracking name that sounds like a combination of "whacky" and "ice."

13. Snow Nonsense

A lighthearted and spirited name that is suitable for a winter sports company.

14. Spa Slap

A bizarre but catchy name that suggests strange and unusual treatments or products.

15. Ugly Tip

A crazy and absurd name that could work well for an offbeat bar.

16. Unforkettable

A memorable name that conveys a sense of humor. Suitable for a restaurant or casual eatery.

17. Bacon Bandit

A catchy name for a burger restaurant or a business that supplies pork products.

18. Slob Fashion

Great for clothing business focused on casual and comfortable fashion.

19. Lumo Lizard

An alliterative name that is suitable for a lighting or software company.

20. Think Blank

An unconventional name that is appealing because it is simple.

Witty Business Names

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More Quirky Business Name Ideas:

Quirky Shop Names:

  • The Angry Buddha.
  • PiggyPooz.
  • The Buzzed Mermaid.
  • Rabbitat.
  • The Brain & Belly.

Quirky Brand Names:

  • Squeaky Swank.
  • Giggle N Bums.
  • Dribble Me Now.
  • Unbent Boomerang.
  • The Fat Flap.


How do I come up with a quirky business name?

  1. Think about the concept of your business and your brand personality.
  2. Create a list of keywords.
  3. Combine words to create name ideas or use a business name generator.
  4. Create a shortlist of name ideas.
  5. Get feedback from family and friends.
  6. Check name availability.
  7. Make a choice.
  8. Secure the name.

What makes a business name quirky?

A quirky business name is one that catches your attention for being unusual or odd and yet appealing. Bizarre, offbeat, and eccentric concepts, ideas, or word combinations make a business name quirky.

What companies have quirky business names?

  • Potato Parcel.
  • Doggles.
  • Ugly Furnitures.
  • Diary Rotten Flowers.
  • iFart.

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