Old-Fashioned Business Name Ideas:


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1. Ye Olde Faithful

This interesting name uses old English to create a unique name that suits a pub.

2. Cafe Casablanca

Old coffee houses usually started with "Cafe," and many named exotic places and major cities.

3. The Paradise Co.

This name is striking and evocative and suits multiple types of businesses.

4. Crumb & Curd

Great for a bakery or deli, this name uses the "&" to create an old-fashioned feel.

5. The Autumn Hair

Following the pub tradition, this intriguing name would also work for clothing brands, cafes, etc.

6. The Grubbling Shoppe

The old English word, "Grubbling," means to rummage through drawers and pockets.

7. The Elflock Book Co.

Compelling, intriguing, and striking, this name is ideal for a publisher or bookstore.

8. Ye Olde Raiment

Ideal for a clothing store or tailor, this name uses an old word for clothing, "raiment."

9. Old World Fruit Company

Great for a fruit company or a fruit and vegetable store, this name is grand and dramatic.

10. The Classic Gentleman's Salon

An old-fashioned way of talking about a barbershop makes this the ideal name for a modern barber.

11. Bugle & Hound

Another name borrowing from the pub tradition. It could suit a number of types of businesses.

12. Bibelot Shoppe

"Bibelot" is a rarely used, old word for trinkets and knick-knacks. Ideal for a store.

13. Boondoggle's Variety Store

This name turns an old American word "Boondoggle" into a character who owns the store. Great.

14. Ms. Moxie

A daring and punchy name that would suit a creative agency very well. "Moxie" means "grit."

15. Skedaddle & Scootch

Both words actually mean the same thing but they sound so great together. For a daring brand.

16. Last Frontiers Boot Co.

Excellent for a leather manufacturing company, this name evokes toughness and adventure.

17. Chaucer's Haberdashery

Chaucer was the first to use the word "haberdashery" in his Canterbury Tales.

18. New Century Trading Company

Evoking old export and import businesses and seafaring merchants, this name is memorable.

19. The King's Barrel

Basically only for a pub, or maybe gastropub, this old name is traditional and evocative.

20. Corset & Silhouette

Beautiful words that sound great together. Ideal for a clothing brand or fashion retail store.

1700s Business Names

Old-timey business names for your business.

More Old-Fashioned Business Name Ideas:

Examples of Old-Fashioned Business Names:

  • Happy Clam Club.
  • Groovy Games.
  • Pang-Wangle Professionals.
  • The Bee's Knees Books.
  • Charming Chap Bar.

Old-Fashioned Shop Names

  • Pardon My Fridge.
  • Bargains With Bells On.
  • Head Over Deals.
  • Charming Chain.
  • Jeepers Creepers Cravings.

Cute Old-Fashioned Store Names:

  • Carpe Denim.
  • Jivin' Jackets.
  • Kick Up Your Heels Shoes.
  • Happy Cabbage Cart.
  • The Cat's Pyjamas Store.


How can I come up with some old-fashioned business names?

  1. Consider using your name.
  2. Research old brands and companies.
  3. Find old English words that are interesting and sound compelling.
  4. Use "&," "Co.," and "Ye Olde" in names.
  5. Look for older words for your industry, service, and profession.
  6. Copy pubs and barbershops.
  7. Feed these old words and others into a business name generator to get a list of good names.
  8. Narrow down your list of names.
  9. Pick the best name and secure it.

What makes a business name old-fashioned?

A business name is old-fashioned if it uses old-fashioned words and elements commonly used in old business names, such as two partners' names put together, the ampersand, and the word company.

What companies have old-fashioned business names?

  • Caswell-Massey.
  • King Arthur Flour.
  • Jim Beam.
  • The Brazen Head.
  • Cafe Central.
  • Ye Olde Man & Scythe.
  • Truefitt & Hill.
  • Crane and Co.

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