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Southern Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. De la Dixie

This name is unique and the French "De la" sounds great when paired with "Dixie."

2. Sweet Home

Borrowing Alabama's famous phrase, this name is sweet and charming. Example, Sweet Home Cupcakes.

3. The Southerner's Club

Excellent for a cafe, bar, or night club, this name is catchy and suggests an old school opulence.

4. Misty Bayou

Very evocative name that conjures a strong and striking image. The name sounds great.

5. Southern Raised

Another popular phrase, this name would work well for just about any type of business.

6. Yellowhammer

This name sounds great, looks awesome, and will be familiar to most, it being Alabama's nickname.

7. Plateau Line

Evocative and vintage-sounding, this name is compelling and memorable.

8. Sartorial Swag

This name evokes a storyteller's flair for language. It is sort of Mark Twain-ish.

9. Red Mangrove

Evoking a beautiful and striking image, this intriguing name is ideal for more serious brands.

10. Magic City

This is an attractive name. It is very easy to say and remember. Not just for theme parks.

11. The Conquistador

Paying homage to the region's rich history, this striking name is ideal for a bar or backpackers.

12. Flat Plains

Conjuring large open spaces, swaying grass, and ancient stillness, this is a powerful name.

13. Elkhorn Inc.

Evoking a type of coral just off the Florida coast, this interesting name rolls off the tongue.

14. Flamingo & Gator

Using two iconic animals that sound great alongside each other makes an excellent name.

15. Spring Magnolia

Pretty, sensual, evocative, this name is dripping with southern sweetness and charm.

16. The Wet Hen

Borrowing part of the saying "madder than a wet hen," this name is compelling and memorable.

17. Hank Erin's

This punny name breaks up a southern word, "hankerin'," to form a fictional character. Great.

18. Little Horse

Paying homage to the little wild horses thriving on Assateague Island off the coast of Maryland.

19. Morning Gables

A beautiful, sweet image that just sounds southern. This is a simple and effective name.

20. Rocky Arch

Evoking a natural rock formation found in many locations around the country, this name is striking.

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More Southern Business Name Ideas:

Southern Brand Names:

  • Blue Goose.
  • Wild Breeze.
  • The Southern Tree.
  • Rocky Roots.
  • Kings Arch.

Unique Southern Boutique Names:

  • Wise Water.
  • Rock Hill.
  • Splash of Spring.
  • Wet N' Wild.
  • Southern Corner.

Southern Store Names:

  • Wild Waves.
  • Black Mountain.
  • Green Valley.
  • Gardens Charm.
  • Wild Country.

Southern Company Names:

  • Wonder Fellas.
  • Wild Valley.
  • Southern Roots.
  • Wicked Spot.
  • Southern Table.

Cute Southern Boutique Names:

  • Southern Charm.
  • Mountain Taste.
  • Southern Queen.
  • The Classic Oak.
  • Sweet Magnolia.

Good Southern Shop Names:

  • Crush Mountain.
  • Southern Soul.
  • Village Boots.
  • Old Southern.
  • Southern Bros.

Southern Country Business Names:

  • CowTown Crawdad.
  • Fellas of Fort Worth.
  • Pickup Truck Palace.
  • Rowdy Rodeo.
  • Nashville Numbers.


How can I come up with some catchy southern business names?

  1. Start a list of words.
  2. Add the names of animals, plants, and landmarks to the list.
  3. Add words from the different languages spoken in the region.
  4. Add slang from the region.
  5. Add words relating to the region's history.
  6. Mine the architecture, art, culture, etc, for keywords.
  7. Combine the words on your list.
  8. Feed the words into a business name generator.

What makes a business name southern?

Southern business names reflect the culture, languages, history, and values of the people living in the southern states, as well as the region's landscapes, in a way that captures a bit of southern charm. Have a look at a few examples we created using NameSnack.

What companies have southern names for their business?

  • Data Gumbo.
  • Little Debbie.
  • Wickles Pickles.
  • Blue Bell.
  • Bojangles.

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