Fried Chicken Business Name Ideas:


Business Name


1. The Frying Coop

A tongue-in-cheek name that sounds alluring. Think chicken-inspired logo and red/white colorways.

2. Cheeky Chicken

This playful and trendy name hints that your fried chicken as a bit of a spicy bite to it.

3. The Hungry Chick

A fun, marketable name that will surely attract hungry patrons looking for some tasty fried chicken.

4. Fried n' Fresh

A catchy option for those who specialize in freshy fried chicken. You'll enjoy the branding ideas.

5. Golden & Grub

Will turn heads & attract your target market. "Golden" refers to the color of freshly fried chicken.

6. The Crunchy Ranch

Great addition to a fried chicken restaurant that specializes in a variety of authentic recipes.

7. Hungry Hen

A marketing gem. The alliteration makes this a memorable choice that simply rolls off the tongue.

8. Chickii

Simple, punchy, and a great choice for a fried chicken brand. A chicken logo helps this name pop.

9. Crispy Crunchy Chick

A funky name that sounds unique and delicious. Conjures images of crunchy and freshly fried meals.

10. The Fried Favorite

A straightforward name that offers loads of business expansion options. Sounds like a local spot.

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More Fried Chicken Business Name Ideas:

Creative Fried Chicken Business Names:

  • Savvy Chicken.
  • Deli Fried.
  • Fresh Cuts.
  • Fancy Fried Chicken.
  • The Chicken Biz.

Memorable Fried Chicken Business Names:

  • Three Little Birds.
  • Fried Bowl.
  • Tasty Chicken.
  • Wise Wings.
  • Crispy Bite.

Catchy Fried Chicken Business Names:

  • Chicken Box.
  • Birdies Fried Chicken.
  • Great Wings.
  • Hungry Birds.
  • Spicy Chick.

Fun Fried Chicken Shop Names:

  • Magic Chicken.
  • Miss Fried.
  • Wings on Fire.
  • Every Wing.
  • Superior Chicken.

Unique Fried Chicken Store Names:

  • Crispy Chick.
  • Chicken Coop.
  • Fried N' Crunchy.
  • The Chicken Story.
  • Whopping Bites.


How do I choose the best name for a fried chicken business?

  1. Consider your menu, target market, and brand.
  2. Brainstorm name ideas and share them with peers.
  3. Use online polls, surveys, and a business name generator for inspiration.
  4. Conduct a name availability search with the state.
  5. Choose a marketable name and register it.

What are some famous fried chicken restaurant names?

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
  • Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.
  • Champs Chicken.
  • The Chicken Shack.
  • Golden Chick.
  • Wild Wing Café.
  • Nando's.

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