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Soul Food Restaurant Name Ideas:


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1.Soul Sisters

Soul food is associated with family, and if it is the case with your restaurant, then referencing it in the name is a great idea. Family food is also very comforting, and patrons will feel as if they are part of the family.

2.Anna May's

Anna May is a popular Southern name and as soul food is all about the strong female figures in the families that bring them together around the dinner table, this name will be a good choice. Alternatively, use your name or that of the matriarch in your family as a restaurant name.

3.Soul of the South

The South of America is renowned for its good food and music like soul and jazz. The food and music represent a combination of cultures and bring communities together. In the same way, your restaurant will become the soul of your community.


The wordplay on "aphrodisiac" indicating the African origin of soul food will be memorable and references euphoric states restaurant-goers will experience as a result of the spice and food combination you will serve them.

5.Big & Bold

Southern food, which includes soul food, is known for its bold flavors and large portions. Use this easy-to-remember name to indicate that your restaurant will continue with this Southern legacy. Patrons will resonate with the name and keep on coming back for more.

6.Southern Bliss

Nothing makes people happier than sharing a great plate of food with friends and family. The Southern hospitality and soul food associated with them are renowned for being outstanding, and patrons will experience true bliss when visiting your restaurant.

7.Cajun Cravings

Cajun, a creole spice typically found in soul food, is a favorite amongst restaurant-goers in the U.S. Patrons looking for this outstanding taste experience will flock to your restaurant if you name it after the spice.

8.WholeSoul Food

The combination of "wholesome food" and "soul food" is effective in telling your clients that they will get a wholesome meal that will speak directly to their souls. Get it? The soul food speaks to their souls.

9.Feed my Soul

Everyone needs a place to go and recuperate from the challenges of daily life. With a name like this, patrons will flock to your restaurant to get some soul food.

10.Crispy Crumby Chicken

Chicken is a favorite ingredient in soul and comfort food, and nothing is better for comfort eating than crispy chicken. The alliteration adds a sing-song quality to the name that will make it memorable.

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

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What are some creative soul food restaurant name ideas?

  • Feed my Soul.
  • Big & Bold.
  • Afro-disiac.
  • Anna May's.
  • Soul Sisters.

What are some catchy soul food restaurant name ideas?

  • WholeSoul Food.
  • Cajun Cravings.
  • Soul of the South.
  • Southern Bliss.
  • Crispy Crumby Chicken.

What are some cute soul food restaurant name ideas?

  • Afro-disiac.
  • Anna May's.
  • Soul Sisters.
  • WholeSoul Food.
  • Soul of the South.

What are some real-life soul food restaurant names?

  • Grubhub.
  • Kathryn’s Soul.
  • The Soul Shack.
  • Willie Mae’s Scotch House.
  • Croaker’s Spot.

How do I choose a soul food restaurant name?

  • Do some research on your competitors and what other soul food restaurant owners are doing.
  • Compile a list of keywords.
  • Review your menu ideas and the picture you have in your mind of what the atmosphere should be like. Add these to your list of keywords.
  • Use a business name generator to create some potential names.
  • Test your favorite names with friends, family, and potential clients and ask for their input.
  • Check the availability of the name and register it if its not yet taken.

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